Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples 2012

Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples 2012: Pick One Now

When it comes to couple’s Halloween costumes this is not a problem at all since “duos” are a very popular theme nowadays but what are the best Halloween costume ideas for couples 2012? Basically, the very main objective in choosing a couples costume is to think of a compatible pair. Take bacon and egg for example or Barbie and Ken. These pairs complement each other without any effort and exaggerations. Having said that, this article will provide you with this year’s best couple’s Halloween costumes with a modern twist you can surely show-off.

Scary couples costumes

If you want to maintain the traditional Halloween theme, you can opt for something scary. Take the film Van Helsing for example. You can opt for a pair of vampire hunters such as Gabriel Van Helsing and his lovely pair Anna Valerious. And if you want a sexier look, you can also be Dracula and one of his three brides namely Aleera. You can also do the latest vampire-werewolf portrayal to be up to date. But, what if vampires and ware wolves are not your thing? There are other fictional couples you can portray. One classic example is Gomez and Morticia of the Adam’s Family. You can also wear a devil and an angel costume. Although, Lucifer is actually an angel, you can still portray the good and evil persona. Any of these costumes fall under the best Halloween costume ideas for couples 2012 under the category scary look. You can also check other horror films or mythical couples for more ideas.

Other fictional couples

Being a scary couple is not the only idea you can use for Halloween. You can actually dress-up as any fictional couple. One example is Wilma and Fred Flinstone wherein “stone age” is the main concept. You can also dress-up as Greek mythology couples such as Zeus and Hera or Paris and Helen. To make it more modernized, you can opt for superhero couples such as Batgirl and Robin. You can also be villains for a change. Harley Quinn and Joker would be the best characters you can portray. As of today, there are numerous fictional couples you can portray from inspiring stories to remarkable films. It is a matter of choosing which of them would best depict you and your partner’s interests.


If you want to try something unique, you can also opt for other couples costumes that are not infamous fictional couples. A common example for this would be a tooth and tooth-fairy costume. You can also try the cupcake and baker costume. If you want some crazy and exotic, you can opt for a circus concept where in a lion and its tamer are the main characters. There are other couple’s costume ideas you can use. Just don’t opt for a plug and socket or a key and keyhole ideas. These costume ideas would be your worst and dull options you can take. If you want to wear the best Halloween costume ideas for couples 2012, you have to put some creativity, innovation and style in it.