Best Handmade Chocolates

The best handmade chocolates are not online but in a little store in a small town in Pennsylvania. You can’t buy these online at all. Places like Amazon will not have Lorah’s Handmade Chocolates listed in their online store. There are many other places to learn about chocolate and where to buy the best chocolates online, but there’s no place like small town living to find the treasures tucked away in small town America.

Back in the 1970’s, Ruth Miller Lorah started a chocolate shop out of her home in Denver, PA. Most of the local people loved those fine chocolates and couldn’t wait to place orders for their favorites. She was well known in the area and then in 2009, her niece took over the operations and renamed the company, Lorah’s Handmade Chocolate’s, giving it a more modern name.

Today, Maria continues to make the chocolates the same way that her Aunt did and using the best and highest quality ingredients. Even the recipes that made the original owner famous is still being used, along with some new ones that are quickly becoming very well known also. These older recipes have been through 3 generations and still going strong.

Every thing about this company is handmade. All the ingredients are cooked on the stove, and you will see in the video posted below how it is worked on the marble table, hand rolled and formed on an antique cream cutter. Then the cream centers are dipped by hand into the finest chocolate in America.

The short, 4 minute video is amazing, isn’t it? Handmade is an art and skill that takes a lot of hard work but the payoff is a delicious tasting chocolate that will keep you coming back for more.

Lorahs Handmade Chocolates can create a custom mold business card for your company and even custom assorted boxed chocolates. You can order directly from them online if you go to their website and send them an email or even call their number listed there. They can ship to anyone at all.

They even have a Healthy Line that consists of Blueberry Clusters, Brazil Nuts, something called Health Bark, which is a combination of almonds, cashews, peanuts, raisins and unsweetened coconut. I’m not sure exactly how that is healthier but I’m sure because of the type of nuts involved,it is considered a healthier choice.

But if you don’t worry about healthy choices then you will probably want to go for the Oreo Truffles or Molasses Sponge or maybe porcupines or peanut butter clusters. There are so many more and if you want the best, go check out Lorahs Handmade Chocolates, you won’t be sorry.