Best Healthy Eating and Cooking Tips for Everyone

Quick and easy tips for healthy eating

If you are like the majority of people you probably think about eating healthier on a daily basis more so as you age.

When you are younger it is not as much of an issue because your metabolism is running so high you don’t have to count calories.

I am in the older group with the slowing metabolism no matter how much I exercise. Believe me I feel your pain.

Healthy eating and cooking can be implemented very easily and there are immediate benefits all it takes is some planning and reading to figure out what is healthy and what is not so healthy.

Benefits include having more energy, clearer skin, longer life, better sleeps, ability to function properly throughout the day and my favorite is that it just makes you feel great.

Luckily for you I am going to explain it here and it is going to be so easy to understand you will just love me for it.

What is healthy Eating?

Healthy eating is making better food choices. Choosing foods that will not affect your body negatively.

Eating in a way that promotes a better mental and physical quality of life for you. What makes some foods better choices than others?

There are some general rules I think you have to follow and I think it is pretty obvious. Choosing foods that are not processed or deep fried, sugar coated. Buy fresh food, maybe from a farmers market.

Do not buy and eat processed canned or packaged food if you really want to eat and cook healthier. Trying to not eat too many starchy carbs is important also.

Starchy carbs include white rice, white potatoes, corn, white bread etc. You want to choose a lot of raw vegetables and fruits and berries which have a ton of antioxidants especially blueberries yum.

For meats you want to eat fish (salmon is great), chicken (boneless skinless chicken breast is excellent), lean cuts of beef, eggs (boiled).

Water is something you will want to get enough of because it helps to flush all of the toxins out of your body and keeps you hydrate which will give you more energy and keep your skin looking great.

What is healthy cooking?

If you can avoid cooking and just eating fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible then you will be ahead of the game.

If you have to cook meat I would stick to grilling on the BBQ or broiling in the oven.

How about making skewers with some pieces of chicken green and red peppers whole mushrooms red onion garlic and sprinkle some spices on the skewer yum.

Nice thing about skewers is that you don’t necessarily need to put them on the BBQ you can cook them in your oven also, bake them first and then finish them off on broil.

No frying or deep frying. Just the thought of deep frying makes my arteries feel like they are clogging up.

If you can cook so that you don’t need oil or butter to cook the food then great. If you need to use oil then I recommend extra virgin oil which would be your healthier choice.

You could also use a spray that replaces oil. Boiling your veggies is ok but steaming is even better because when you boil you boil away some of the nutrients in the veggies.

When you steam you don’t have the food sitting in water so you will retain most of the nutrients.

Healthy cooking or a healthier way to eat can be as easy as preparing a salad with mixed garden greens and dice up some fresh vegetables and add them to the mix.

Add some chopped up eggs or diced cheddar cheese. Remember to use a low fat or oil and vinegar type dressing to keep it as healthy as possible.

Now you have everything you need and a little extra.

Ok so I gave you some quick tips on the benefits of eating healthier and cooking healthier.

It is up to you now to put your new knowledge into action.

It is common sense for most but for some reason we all need to be reminded that you have to stay away from things like alcohol, pop, chips, pizza, sweets as in candies and doughnuts etc, anything deep fried like fries.

Also watch for fat content in things you think are healthy like Caesar salad, the fat grams in those salads are sky high.

You could go on and on about this subject but this article is supposed to be some quick and easy tips to follow so we will stop there. Good luck with your eating and cooking healthier.