Best Hotels in Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas, also known as Fremont Street or the ‘Fremont Street Experience‘ (whatevs) is an alternative to hanging out at the more popular Las Vegas Strip. It’s classic Vegas, and lately it’s been trying to give itself a facelift. With the exception of the Golden Nugget, you aren’t going to find anything too fancy in this area. These are cheap, barebones hotels, but they serve their purpose and hey, you didn’t come all the way to Las Vegas to sleep, now did you? Here are some suggestions for hotels if you decide to stay downtown.

Golden Nugget

This is the swanky hotel and casino on Fremont. It’s more like a strip hotel than a downtown one, so if you want all the kitsch and throwback of old Vegas but enjoy a fancy-schmancy hotel, this is where it’s at. Plus it has a shark tank and a water slide!

Four Queens

First of all, you can’t miss the sign. It screams downtown Vegas (actually, it screams 4 Queens!). It’s in a great location, reasonably priced, and oozes old-school Vegas.

El Cortez

If you are looking for luxury rooms, a hip club and a modern casino…then you have come to the wrong place. If you want vintage charm, art deco syle, and the honor of staying in one of the oldest casinos in Vegas (that hasn’t been torn down yet to make room for a new, sleek, cold, uninspiring hotel), check out the El Cortez. Probably one of the cheapest hotels in downtown as well.

Fitzgerald’s (…Uh, I mean, Fitz’s)

Another good choice for its proximity to the rest of Fremont Street, and yeah, that’s about it. On a personal note, when I visit downtown Vegas I always seem to do better at Fitzgerald’s craps tables than any other casino. Don’t ask me why, but it’s really the main reason it made this list! Oh and I too am old school, I can’t get used to calling it by it’s new ‘hip’ name.

Main Street Station

For some reason, Main Street Station has a collection of antiques and is very proud of it. That’s nice, but I’m here to double-down and go all in. It’s still a nice hotel and the rooms are second to the Golden Nugget.

I would have loved to add Binion’s to this list, but sadly the hotel is closed. They still have a casino with a great poker room and bingo hall, however.

Downtown Vegas hotels aren’t the swankiest. Most of the rooms are old and small, but the prices are good and everything is in walking distance. It’s more relaxing and laid back than the Strip, which can be overwhelming to some folks. Plus you can’t beat it if you are looking for that Vegas vintage charm!