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Best Imitation Croc Shoes


Looking for the best imitation croc shoes? Well, as surprising as it may sound, it’s actually pretty tough to find genuine fake crocs. By that I mean that you will not find anywhere online actually advertising the fact that their Crocs are fake! If they did that they’d quickly be sued by Crocs and shut down.

However, if you look carefully online, you can definitely see that some of the shoes that the seller claims are Crocs are definitely cheaper knock-offs. eBay is littered with them, as are many other lesser-known retailers online.

What I found throughout the course of my digging though was that it’s really not even worth it to buy these imitation Crocs. Real genuine Crocs can be found for $20 or even less, especially if you search for or wait for a sale or shop at a discount store like Sam’s Club or Costco.

As an example, I found several pairs of fake “original” Croc clogs on eBay, and the average sales price with around $15. If you go on you can get a similar pair starting at $20. In my opinion, it makes no sense to buy a cheap knock-off pair if it’s only $5 more to get a genuine pair. Speaking from experience, Crocs are great shoes and very comfortable.

If I were to purchase a fake pair only to find they were not as comfortable or durable as real ones I would definitely fell as though I wasted my money when I could have spent just a little bit more to buy a real pair that would last me for a long time.

If you absolutely need to buy a fake pair though, eBay is your best bet. If you look through the listings, particularly those that are listed as new, you’ll see that there is quite a difference in quality that is apparent even in the pictures. If you look at a bunch, you’ll be able to tell which are fake and which are real.

Who knows, if you look enough online you may actually find a genuine pair for a great price. In this case your search for the best imitation Croc shoes may actually get you a great real pair for even cheaper!

Best Imitation Croc Shoes
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