Best in-ear Headphones under $100

With the digital age, come digital music, movies and entertainment. For those who love to listen to music without interference, investing in good headphones is a must. Some headphones come with microphones that make video conferencing easy.

Manufacturers are doing everything they can to promote their gear by offering smaller, comfortable and quality products.

If you are looking to spend under $100 for a set of headphones, you don’t have a lot to worry about because there are great brands offering affordable sets. What will likely entice your will be the design offered by brand names. Here are a few in ear headphones under a hundred bucks to check out in 2012:

Bose IE2 audio headphones

When you’re looking for an affordable in ear set of headphones, there are popular brands that are reputable because of the quality they offer. That is what you will get with these black-and-white Bose headphones. The reputation of these headphones is not the only thing to consider.

You also get interchangeable ear buds with a travel case. The design is rather the discreet but the sound is amazing. You can purchase this for $99 at most online retailers. Click to buy on Amazon

Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones

Shure SE215 Sound Isolating

If you want a set of headphones that will give you binaural surround sound combined with great design, this $99 product from Shure is worth looking into. It comes with a slightly curved black design that will ensure comfort and great user experience.

If you’re wondering what some isolated isolating means, you just need to think about a set of headphones that will prevent external noise from polluting the beautiful song you are listening to. This is an affordable product for those who want to enjoy their music without external interference, for more specs click here

Monster iBeats Headphones with ControlTalk

If you’re looking for style when it comes sound, this monster ibeats product is definitely a looker. It is also designed with comfort in mind. The red and black colors are neatly done to appeal to those with a sense of style.

This will be a great device for those who want to enjoy great quality whilst listening to their MP3 player or whilst watching movies on their iPod, iPhone and other digital music appliances. You can’t go wrong with the built-in microphone that can be used for applications like Skype. You can purchase a set for $99 on Amazon right here.

Klipsch Image S4

The design of these affordable headphones will make those who love a lot of bass very happy. The design comes in a nice silver color with interchangeable ear buds that offers sound isolating.

This is a good product for someone on a budget but who still wants great sound quality. At only $70, you will be able to get a lot of decibels that might even damage your hearing. You will likely appreciate this device if you are into watching science fiction movies or listen to Hip-hip, dance or techno music. The plastic ear buds that come with this product are transparent and are easy to clean. Check out more specs and Klipsch earbuds here

If you like what you see here but want to check out more of the best earbuds for the money, follow this link to Amazon.

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