News Best In Ground Basketball Hoop Systems 2014

Best In Ground Basketball Hoop Systems 2014


Are you looking to get yourself a top rated in ground basket ball hoop so you & your kids play around with it outside? If so, you have a lot of very good basketball systems out there for you, that can be integrated in the ground, however there are only a few exceptional hoops that offer awesome value for money, extremely durable and are great to play around with. Let’s take a look at some of the best in ground basket ball hoops for 2014.

#1 Lifetime Adjustable In-Ground 71799 with 50 inch Backboard

This hoop is one of the most popular and best rated basketball systems that can be fitted in-ground on the market, which makes perfect sense really given it is a durable quality playing piece of equipment and comes at a very reasonable price too.

As mentioned in the description it comes with a playing shatterproof backboard (made specifically form makrolon polycarbornate) that measures by 50 inch and is adjustable in height via the pole that can extend from 7.5 ft to 10 ft (in a measurement of 6 inch stages) and is fitted into the ground with cement.

The rim is completely solid and secure is ideal for dunking. Moreover, because it is made from highly durable materials and is powder coated it is all weather resistant and will last you a long, long times.

Rating: 86% sourced from | Dimensions: 54 x 34 x 6 inches

#2 Silverback In Ground Adjust SB-54iG with 54 inch Backboard

This is another very popular but slightly higher quality model (and still offers fantastic value for money) that as you can see comes with a marginally larger backboard which measures 54 inches across by 33 inches that has a tempered glass layer (measuring 5 mm) and is based on a super strong steel solid frame that measures 0.75 by 1.2 inches and offers you a 2′ overhang for the hoop goal (which is based on a breakaway rim, so you can play ‘pro style’).

Moreover, it comes with a 4 by 4 inch two piece powder coated steel pole that acts to offer you more than the support of a one piece pole (this also allows you to adjust the height precisely between a range between 7.5 and 10 feet).

It also offers added support at the base of the basketball hoop with a mounting 18 inch ‘added dupont’ that acts to prevent rust and corrosion occurring to the pole from underground (something that most ‘in ground basketball hoops’ miss out on). In all, this is a basketball hoop that is designed to be ultra sturdy and durable — once you stick it in the ground, it will stay there. A great hoop for youth level.

Rating: 88% sourced from | Dimensions: 71.5 x 35.5 x 6.5 inches

#3 Spalding In-GroundH Frame & 72 inch Glass Backboard

This is the perfect model for older teenagers and adults who are taking the game somewhat seriously. The Spalding H frame is a system that containshigh quality components throughout its entire build and is of ‘pro like NBA standard’. As you can see it comes with a 72 inch glass board that is completely secure (made from 3/8 inch tempered glass) and is based around an aluminium trim frame that offers an awesome kick back rebound. The rim itself is heavy duty and offers itself as a positive lock breakaway.

You can see from the image that its centralized system gives you a pro lift height adjustment from that of 7 ft to 10 ft — and sticks out to offer a 4ft offset for the backboard. Everything is very easy to assemble the only real difficult department is assembling the pole and that’s not exactly a job a person on their own couldn’t do under 10 minutes. In all, it is easily considered as one of the best in ground basketball hoop systems on the market, easily considered of an ‘institutional level of performance’.

Rating: 94% sourced from |

Best In Ground Basketball Hoop Systems 2014
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