Best Inflatable Bed for Guests

The best inflatable bed provides comfort and easy access with little fuss to assemble. The differences between the various brands of air mattresses fall into the categories of durable materials, overall softness/firmness and comfort, and physical logistics.

Do you want to roll out of bed and pull yourself up from the floor–not a problem for the kids but definitely something Mom or Dad may not enjoy–or do you want to sit up and swing your legs over the side like a regular bed?

Blow up mattresses typically come with a self-inflating electronic pump and deflate to a thickness that allows them to be folded and stored in a carrying bag that is also included in the purchase. Look for these items listed in the description before you buy.

AeroBed Classic Inflatable Mattress with Pump

AeroBed Inflatable Mattress

The classic version of the Aerobed is hard to beat in the “best air mattress” category. It’s a durable, trustworthy “go to” when you need an extra sleeping palette for guests or family.
Aerobeds come with a powerful pump for quick inflation and faster deflation. The top has a fleece surface for extra sleeping comfort. Inside is a sturdy oval coil structure that adds extra sleeping support.Aerobeds are always constructed with puncture-resistant, heavy-gauge PVC vinyl. The twin size is 74 inches by 39 inches by 9 inches high after inflation. The queen sized mattress is 78 inches by 90 inches by 9 inches inflated.Reviewers mention that the queen size might be the better buy in this mattress model. If coils become contorted or lose shape it doesn’t seem to have too much effect on sleep quality or firmness. This model has a hands-free inflation process. Check out more reviews here.

Intex Foam Top Queen Airbed Kit

Intex Foam Top Air Inflatable Mattress

The main advantage and favorite feature for an Intex Inflatable Air Bed is its overall height of 20″. You don’t feel like you are sleeping on an air mattress when you fall asleep on an Intex. The other advantage is the average weight this blow up can handle, a whopping 600 pounds of weight can be on board at any one time.

This blow up mattress sports a Velvetaire top (flocked for a plush surface) with a foam surface for added softness. Includes an easy to manage electrical pump for inflation.

Reviewers recommend this inflatable for back problems because of its firmness, saying there is minimal deflation over a few days that is easy to remedy with added air. They do warn, however, to purchase with a warranty in case the first bed is damaged during transit and be prepared to use standard size sheets as they fit better than a queen sized set. Read more reviews for this product.

(2013 Model) SimplySleeper SS-58RF Raised Full Air bed

SimplySleeper Infaltable Bed Raised 2013 Model

SimplySleeper is another winner in the list of best air mattresses. This brand boasts that their blow up beds are made of stress and puncture resistant material that is a patented DurmothaneTM Poly Laminate, heavy gauge PVC. Like the previous sleeper, this bed also allows for up to 600 pounds of weight at a time.

The exterior is made of three layers of PVC material for a tough, durable product. Unit measures 72″ by 54″ by 18″ tall — a nice height from the ground so that you aren’t eye to eye with the floor. Inflates with a built-in air pump.

A few reviewers complained about air leaking, but that seems to be an exception and not a typical occurence. Make sure you test the item before a return period is up for best response. For more information on this air mattress, click here.

Still looking for the right air mattress?

There are more bed manufacturers providing similar products and each of the products mentioned can be bought in varying thicknesses and sizes.

Your guests will be quite surprised at the comfort level and firmness of these mattresses, I know the ones I have slept on have been wonderful. Don’t make the mistake of buying a cheap, off brand. They are typically made from inferior materials and leak fairly quickly.

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