Best Instant Messaging Applications for Mobile Phones

Social Instant Messaging Applications for Mobile Phones and Androids

Social networking and media has become part of our life today. As time is rapidly changing, one day out of social update and instant messaging makes you feel as if you’ve taken rebirth after a year. With the increased loads of work and your job and due to other several reasons, you may not get time to use your computer for social updates and instant messaging with friends. An alternate solution to it since years has been given by portable messaging applications for mobile phones. Some of the best cell phone apps for messaging with their features are given below:

Mig33 : Mig33 has its own well established social community. So, most of the Mig33 users enjoy its own circle and not using the application to integrate Facebook/MSN/Yahoo contacts. It’s popular features include chatrooms, group chat, game, photo sharing etc. It’s prevalently used via GPRS cell phones in regions where true internet availability is minimal (also where most of the people don’t own PC’s). You can register only one account through one SIM card which helps to cut the amount of spam to some extent. There’s also an option to earn via their Merchant program.

Nimbuzz: This instant messaging app is mostly used to integrate Facebook/Yahoo/MSN accounts into one environment that makes it easy for chatting with friends online. It’s popular even in areas where true internet is accessible.You can create multiple accounts from one SIM. That’s, of course, a greater advantage than that of Mig33 in case you lose your SIM or forget your password. Disconnection problems are low compared to Mig33.

Palringo: Palringo is another popular social messenger application. It’s famous for it’s unique beep message alert. This works better on smartphones and androids. The voice message sending feature, which is very easy to use and reliable, is the special advantage of Palringo.You need an email id to create an account and multiple entries with same email is not accepted. Sometimes Facebook connection errors become very prevalent, causing problems which is a major drawback of it.

MOZAT : It’s mostly used by college students. Its unique features include it’s environment which enables you to view social feeds and chat/message at the same platform easily. It has the fewest “Unexpected Disconnection” among all of these messengers, which also makes it popular. Games, chatrooms and other interactive features are also included which make it very user-friendly and interactive. Another similar best cell phone apps for instant messaging could be Ebuddy. But the cost of GPRS operation is somehow more in it as compared to these messaging applications for mobile phones.

So, these are some of the most popular instant messaging best cell phone apps of today. Choose the best that fits your convenience. All of these are found on the Internet as a free download. The cost per usage depends upon your network provider. On average, Mig33 is the cheapest among them if you’re using the messenger just for chatting purposes. If you wish to use all features in the same environment, MOZAT is worth the price !