Best Insulation R Value for the Money

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Insulation has an energy factor used to distinguish the rate of saving energy it will provide based on the density of the material used. The R stands for the heat resistance of the insulation. Insulation is created out of cellulose and fiberglass. The amount of airflow allowed through the materials is the bases for the R rating of the particular type of insulation R value.

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The higher the R-value the higher the specific form of insulation is heat and water-resistant. Since various materials are used to create insulation such as wool newspaper fiberglass cellulose foams and cottons each material used in conjunction with the method of producing the insulation can have higher or lower resistance levels.

R19 insulation R Value have been providing the essential heat resistance needed for the majority of the residences and buildings. This is the standard R factor used in most buildings.

The insulation is frequently used in homes or added to homes for energy savings as well as preventing sound waves from carrying to the other areas of the home. Insulation R Value act like a sound barrier in many situations increasing the levels of comfort within the home.

R19 insulation has the benefits of keeping the home warm in the winter months by keeping the heat inside the home while in the summer months it keeps the cooler air in the home creating a very comfortable environment in the home.

R19 has higher quality of restriction of the airflow that often leaks out of the home when using an insulation that is lower in R-value such as R11 insulation. Insulation manufactured out of cellulose has a higher Insulation R value and is one of the most popular forms of materials for insulation. Cellulose is chemically treated to enhance the resistance levels which to some individuals is not what they want to add to their home even with the higher R-value of the insulation.

The alternative to cellulose is fiberglass insulation that is available in R19 values. It is a different material that does have its own disadvantages such as causing skin irritations and respiratory damage due to the small particles of fiberglass breaking off while it is handled and being ingested into the lungs.

It is highly recommended to wear protective clothing and a nose/mouth covering when handling fiberglass insulation. My advice is to go with the best insulation R value you can afford. You will save more money in your utilities in the long run.

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Best Insulation R Value for the Money, Seekyt
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