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Jabra WAVEWearing a big Bluetooth headset really does not suit every circumstance. A big headset might go well when you are at home or on holiday. Large Bluetooth headphones demonstrate you as an extremely cool person. This won’t help you when you are at the office, college or at public places. In that case, you would portrait yourself as a dignified and highly professional individual, and a little bit of care towards your dress and accessories such as a Bluetooth earpiece really helps. In this guide, we have reviewed some of the best invisible Bluetooth earpieces. It’s really worth reading this article, if you prefer wearing headsets without the inconvenience of exposing it to others. If you have less time, you can go straight to to find the top rated invisible Bluetooth earpiece right now!

Plantronics VOYAGER LEGEND Bluetooth Headset:

plntrn voygleg inner

Plantronics VOYAGER LEGEND Bluetooth Headset is one of the most preferred headsets. It is a very tiny headset built with various cool new features and it is barely visible. The headset is powered with Smart Sensor technology. This technique directs the calls to your phone or headset and pauses music when you pick up a call. This great Bluetooth headset takes up voice commands. It also features triple mics with noise and wind cancellation features. The headsets can be paired with your smartphones or other Bluetooth enabled devices easily. An interesting feature with this headset is that it announces the incoming caller’s name. You can also monitor the battery levels of your iPhones or Android phones through this headset. The charge long lasts up to seven hours of talk time. Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset is available at a price of $95.96. It includes one year limited warranty. A customer’s review on this headset: “I keep forgetting it is on my ear! This is the most comfortable over-the-ear headset I’ve ever used.” See more reviews here!

Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset – Shadowbox:

Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset - ShadowboxAt a price of $89.92, Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset comes in a shadowbox design. Jawbone is a renowned brand in Bluetooth headsets. This tiny headset features wideband speaker (25% large than previous model) that delivers high definition sound. It also includes wind and noise cancellation technique called Noiseassassin. This technique was initially used by tank commanders and helicopter pilots for clear communication. Another interesting technique is magical motion control. Call management is made even easy with the tap-tap or shake-shake jawbone to answer phone calls. You can show-off this call answering technique to your friends. This excellent headset also sends text messaging and email to your friends using your voice. This means you don’t need to type, you just need to send voice commands. Another unique feature is that your smartphone handset displays the battery meter of Jawbone ERA. The charge last long up to 5.5 hours of talk time. Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset – Shadowbox comes in different shadowbox design. There are other cool and exciting features available in this model. See more features here.

Jabra WAVE Bluetooth Headset- Black:

Jabra WAVE Bluetooth Headset- Black [Retail Packaging]

Jabra WAVE Bluetooth Headset features behind the ear wearing design. This makes the headset comfortable in wearing as well as unexposed. The headset is built with three layers of wind noise protection for clear communication. You can connect two Bluetooth enabled devices simultaneously and switching between them is easy. Jabra WAVE Bluetooth Headset includes voice guidance for battery status and connection status. This tiny headset also includes Digital signal processing unit to deliver crystal clear sound. With third party hands-free apps, you will be able to send text or emails using voice. Most of the customers love the comfortable fit of this headset. You will get the Jabra WAVE Bluetooth Headset at a price of $46.00. Find here a customer’s review on this product: “Over all I am quite pleased with the Jabra WAVE. It solved a huge problem I had with other in ear headsets (no good fit with any supplied ear gel) and it has audio quality both on the sending and receiving end that is the equal of the amazing Jawbone Hero.” See more reviews here!

Samsung WEP410 Bluetooth Wireless Headset:

Samsung Bluetooth WEP410 HeadsetSamsung WEP410 Bluetooth Wireless Headset is comparatively small and lightweight headset. The attractive feature of this headset design is its PowerFlip foldable microphone. When you are listening to music, you really do not need the microphone; you can have it closed. The ear hook is so ergonomic so that you can reverse it for a comfortable fit. The charge lasts up to four hours of talk time or 70 hours standby. Samsung WEP410 Bluetooth Wireless Headset includes other features such as redial, voice dialing, call waiting, call rejecting for better call management. This tiny Bluetooth headset has an excellent wind noise reduction features for clear and noiseless communication. You will really love this headset for its small size and price. See a customer’s review here: “This blue tooth headset is remarkably small and light, it’s easy to use and provides good volume and call clarity.” You will get the Samsung WEP410 Bluetooth Wireless Headset for a price of $26.69. See more reviews here!

Wireless Bluetooth Headset – V268:

Wireless Bluetooth Headset - V268 - Retail Packaging - Black

If you are in a tight budget and looking for a Bluetooth headset that is tiny and very much affordable then Wireless Bluetooth Headset – V268 is an appropriate one. At a price of $7.80, this tiny Bluetooth headset is easy to use and delivers excellent sound. The smart design of this headset makes it hardly visible and it is featherweight too. It includes multi function button for call management that comprises redial and voice dialing features as well. The back of the headset includes volume increase and decrease button for ease access. Check out a customer’s review on this headset size: “I like my little bluetooth. I can hear the other party clear. Just love the size of the bluetooth.” See more features here.

It is really worth spending money in buying any of the invisible Bluetooth earpieces mentioned here. Check out our other Bluetooth headset articles, cheap bluetooth headphones and Best bluetooth earbuds for iphone, if you need further guidance.

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