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Best iPod Docking Stations


Choosing Your Best iPod Docking Stations

If there’s one thing about the best iPod docking stations, it is that they can fluctuate wildly in quality from one version to the next, depending on available features and functions. Some of the best iPod docking stations are purposely designed to charge the iPod’s internal battery while doing nothing else. Other designs charge the battery, yet can be an exterior and expanded speaker unit and others act as alarm clocks. It is important to be aware that you can quickly spend over $100 if you are not being cautious and really thinking about what you want an iPod docking station to do as an additional device for one you already spent probably over one hundred dollars on.

The Best iPod Docking Stations: iHome iA5

The iHome iA5 is simply the best of the iPod docking stations on the market. This system is compatible with all models of Apple’s iPod Touch, as well as multiple generations of the iPhone. The iA5 is the best one of the best iPod docking stations because it allows you to decide which features of the dock, such as the clock or alarm settings with a set application on your iPod, as contrasted with controls built into the docking device. This dock lets you charge your iPod without connecting it to your computer, and the speaker system gives you the ability to listen to your music during the charge time.

The Best iPod Docking Stations: The PMR-AID1

The Powermat PMR-AID1 is another universal docking unit developed to fit any model of iPod that you have except for the iPod Shuffle. This engineering makes this unit basically future proof, as it will likely be compatible with next generation design of iPods, so as long as Apple maintains the same connection system, this will always be one of the best iPod docking stations available. This model is wireless, allowing you to charge the iPod’s battery without using the classic Apple synch/charge cable. If your iPod can play videos, this unit allows you to change the position of your iPod’s view screen without detaching the iPod from the dock.

The Best iPod Docking Stations: i.Sound Power View

The iSound Power View is distinctive because it has stations for two separate iPods at the same time. This unusual charging system also gives you the ability to charge an iPod Touch in both landscape and portrait orientation with no complications. This gives you the opportunity to watch a complete screen video in landscape on your iPod without sacrificing the ability to charge the battery. The iSound Power View plugs into a regular home electrical outlet rapidly charge your iPod’s battery to full strength in no more than 90 minutes.

These are the three best iPod docking stations available for rapidly charging your iPod and allowing you a variety of applications that provide for different need in your home, a clock, a stereo, or a media center for video or music. The best iPod docking stations provide you with the ability to work with several models of iPod and situations, and that’s exactly what you need today.

Best iPod Docking Stations
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