Best Laptop Computers for the Money

Who has the best laptop computers for the money? Is cheap the best value? Getting value is one of the most important things when people go out shopping. When it comes to computers, it can be a little difficult to figure out if the laptop you are about to buy is the best computer for your money. One of the reasons behind this is that technology moves very fast and by the time you take your brand new computer home, it is already out of date. You should not only look to buy the newest laptop just because the marketing guy says it is worth your money. If patience is not one of your virtues, you should at least know what you intend to do with the computer.

If you live in a household with a lot of teenagers, you might find out that you need more than one computer to satisfy the needs of everyone. It is at times like these that you need to consider buying another computer. This could be a laptop computer or desktop PC. The best for your money will depend on two factors. How much money you’re willing to spend and how much do you know about computers. If you want a brand name like Dell or IBM also known as Lenovo, you will be going down the right path. That said, a lot of people fail to recognize that most computer hardware are basically the same. Brand names like Dell, Acer, IBM, Toshiba and Samsung make their fortune with software and customer service aka technical support. You can find great bargains on laptops at Amazon.

Guidelines that will help you choose the best laptop computer for your money:

Processor: The processor speed is measured in GHz. You should strive for a minimum of 2GHz even if one will be sufficient for most users

Memory RAM: This is measured in GB. The minimum should be 2GB but getting 4GB will be better

Brand Name: Acer, Hp, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Asus and Toshiba

Screen: The smaller screens laptop computers might be cute but if you plan to spend a lot of time behind yours and you don’t travel a lot, you should think about getting a bigger screen.

Operating system: There are three main ones to choose from. Over 90% of buyers will choose Microsoft Windows 7, XP or Vista. If you are an Apple fan, you will be running on their OS. For those with a little bit of technology knowledge, Linux and Unix operating systems are also worth considering.

If you can get all this for under $500, you would have purchased the best laptop computer for your money.