Best Laptop for Senior Citizens 2013

In order to find the best laptop for senior citizens in 2013, you need to look at a few factors in order to make the most compatible choice. First of all, ask the question: What does he or she need to do on the computer? I imagine that the best laptop for the elderly does not have to do much, except to allow access to email accounts, basic search engine, word software and Skype. These are the very basic tools that come with almost every laptop so it is difficult to make a bad choice. However, there are always better choices to be made. Below, I have outline three laptops that are the absolute best for senior citizens.

MacBook Pro

If money is not an issue, I would wholeheartedly recommend the MacBook Pro. Compared to a PC, the Mac has a far friendlier interface and easy to use navigation that would cater even to the most unsavvy computer user. Of course it helps, if the senior citizen has no experience with computers whatsoever, so he or she may be able to learn on a fresh new slate. If the senior citizen has some experience on a regular PC, it might be a tad more difficult adjusting to the MacBook Pro. However, in the long run, it is worthwhile to invest in a machine that is much easier to use. Another great thing about Macs is that they never get viruses unlike laptops that run on Windows.

There is no need for virus protection software. This saves a lot of headache for whoever needs to help the elderly in fixing their laptops whenever there is a problem. The MacBook Pro also comes with a built in camera so skyping with long distance family or friends has never been easier. The keyboard is beautifully spaced apart and the font on the screen can easily be changed to a bigger size. The MacBook Pro comes in 3 sizes: 13.3 inch, 15.4 inch and 17 inches. I suggest purchasing the 15.4-inch because the screen won’t be too small, and it won’t be too heavy to carry. The MacBook Pro 15.4-inch is by far the best laptop for senior citizens.

HP Envy

If you prefer to get a laptop that is running Windows 7 and is under $1,000, I would recommend getting the HP Envy, which comes with a 14.5-inch screen. It is beautifully designed and very simple to use. It features a built in cooling system to make sure the laptop doesn’t get too hot and also provides backlit keyboards so the senior citizen can clearly see the keyboard even in locations where there is only dim light. The battery life is a strong 5 hours and the touchpad is large so that it is very comfortable to utilize. The integrated webcam is another great feature that allows its user to video chat even in low light and allows taking amazing photos. The HP Envy is the perfect alternative to the MacBook Pro and is great for senior citizens who aren’t very comfortable with using a laptop in the first place.

Toshiba Satellite

If money is still a factor and you want something under $500, I would suggest you buy the Toshiba Satellite, which comes with a 15.6-inch screen. It is the best value laptop on this list, but that doesn’t mean it is deficient in any way. The Toshiba Satellite comes with a bright screen so it is easy to see and write. The keyboard is also perfectly spaced apart so even clumsy fingers can type rather easily and quickly. The battery lasts a whopping 6 hours and the laptop is silent. The only drawbacks to this laptop are that it doesn’t have a backlit keyboard, it is a bit bulky and it is on the heavy side, weighing at 5.3 pounds. Still the Toshiba Satellite is hands down the best laptop for the money.

Avoid buying netbooks for the elderly because they have small screens with low resolutions and cramped keyboards, which can seriously hamper the ability to write efficiently. When purchasing a laptop for old people, always check the screen size, keyboard, camera and weight. The three computers I listed above are the absolute best laptops of 2013 for senior citizens.