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Best Laptop under 1000 Dollars


Best Laptop under 1000 Dollars – for 2012

It is not a common thought for most people to buy a laptop costing 1000 bucks. However come to think about it, investing in such a laptop is really not a bad idea. Purchasing a laptop worth $400 or $300 may be a money saver yes but the quality usually doesn’t match the pricey ones. The Best Laptop under 1000 Dollars are obviously ones that are very elegant and classy. Such a laptop is one that is steady and very consistent. Finding a laptop that has got impressive computing power does not automatically come just like that. You should be willing to spend money on something valuable.


This plastic chassis is sturdy but light weight making it easy to carry around. With a new AMD E- processor and 500GB hard drive, this laptop is what you could be looking for. Moreover it provides productive functionality which does not necessarily break the bank. Additionally it has a healthy feature set consisting of Bluetooth connectivity and two card reader slots. This could just be the Best Laptop under 1000 Dollars going for a price of $549.99. It is pocket friendly at the same time delivering cool services. It is especially recommended for students and office work.

Asus A53SM – DS71

Going for a whopping $980.00, the Asus A53SM has an assortment of inbuilt features. These features include Bluetooth and WI-FI connectivity. Moreover it has an incredible speed of 2.2GHz quad core Intel core i7-2670QM processor. This is such remarkable speed that one can be able to easily complete all necessary processes in time. It is suitable for office work especially those working online. Its ability to work at a faster speed has seen it get sold out in various stores highly. Also considered among the Best Laptop under 1000 Dollars, this product has 2 USB ports for external connections.

Lenovo Idea Pad Z570 – 10249ZU

Exhibiting a classy look of a handsome brushed aluminum gun-metal gray finish, this laptop costs about $699.99. The laptop is fully loaded with 8GB of RAM memory and a hefty hard drive of 750GB. It is such a fantastic laptop for storage of large files. You can therefore be able to download heavy files from the internet which are effortlessly accommodated. The Lenovo idea pad features a 15.6 inch screen for the perfect display. It is suitable for reading because of its bright and sharp settings hence the reason why it’s highly recommended for college students. As one of the Best Laptop under 1000 Dollars, it has an Intel core i5 processor that is very efficient.

However, there are factors you should consider before purchasing any of these products. First you should be able to know the accredited outlets to obtain them if you cannot get the laptops directly from the manufacturers. It is also incisive to be aware of fraudsters who may trick you into buying faulty machines. However most of these laptops are fully inspected and certified so you really have nothing to worry about provided you purchase from a reliable seller. Generally it’s relatively easy to secure a good deal for Best Laptop under 1000 Dollars but this is only possible if you are really determined to part ways with this huge money for the greater good so to speak.

Best Laptop under 1000 Dollars
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