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Best laptops for college students 2012 – 2013

Best laptops for college students

The world of computers is in a flux. It is constantly changing. As a college student you obviously require a laptop to efficiently carry out your studies for instance, carrying out projects and assignments. With the existing education system, students who don’t have laptops are often overwhelmed with the workload. Consequently in order to achieve this, it is necessary to get yourself a not only sleek and evidently stylish laptop but also one that meets your needs to the core. Best Laptops for College Students have been made easily available in the market today. These laptops are usually money savers thanks to their subsidized prices to see to it that students can actually afford them. Most manufacturers on the other hand ensure that they customize such laptops to meet all the primary needs of a student. So if you are a college student aiming to purchase a laptop you have an assortment of selections to pick from.

ASUS Zen book UX31E – DH72

This is one of the Best Laptops for College Students. It has an attractive design with a credible audio quality due to stereo speakers powered by Bang and Olufsen ICE power. Moreover it is easy to carry around for college students because of its light weight. It also has a super thin design stylish for students. The laptop is equipped with 256GB solid state drive with a fast processor of Intel core i7-2677M that has got Turbo boost. The internal memory of this laptop is up to 4GB. This is especially very efficient for college students due to the undeniable bulk of academic data. This laptop also has a 13.3 inch display with Intel UMA graphics.

Apple Macbook (Air MC968LL/A)

The Apple Macbook is one of the most admirable laptops of recent technology. It is especially suitable for college students who need an efficient and reliable machine to operate with. This is because of its internal memory of 2GB which is brilliant in storage of academic information by students. It has a 64GB solid state hard disk with a fairly fast Intel core i5 1.6GHz dual core processor. This laptop has an admirable design which is sure to turn heads. What better way for students to show off some sense of class? Apple Macbook is endowed with wireless networking which is very advantageous since it saves on internet costs. This explains why it’s categorized as one of the Best Laptops for College Students.

Toshiba protégé R835-P94

Weighing 3lbs and 0.51 inches the Toshiba protégé is easy to carry making it one of the best laptops for college students. It has dual-core Intel core i5 processor and an amazing 9 hour battery life. It equally has a credible audio sound with a headphone jack (stereo), microphone jack (mono) and standard stereo speakers. The laptop has an impressive 4GB RAM which comes in handy in storage of files and other important documents for students. This laptop has a display of 13.3 inch display with active matrix TFT color LCD screen. What’s more it has a hard disk capacity of 640GB.

Nonetheless, as a college student you should be keen on selecting a laptop that can multitask. Guess you remember that ‘all work and no play makes jack a dull boy’ so you should consider a laptop with gaming abilities apart from just being able to use for your study needs. Fortunately you don’t need to search hard, the best laptops for college students are available both online and in various electronic outlets.

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