Best Laptops for Gaming and College 2012

Best Laptops for Gaming and College

School work can be somewhat stressful most of the times and with tones of homework and assignments to undertake, it would be judicious if you acquired yourself a laptop. Lucky for you by looking for a laptop among the best laptops for gaming and college you stand to get a quality laptop that can additionally multifunction. Such laptops make sure that as a student you have the privilege of using the laptop in your studies and at the same time you can use it for leisure purposes like gaming. These laptops usually come at affordable prices although some are really pricey, so, how much money you are willing to spend also determines the kind of laptop that you will get at the end of it all.

Sager Np9150/Np9130

Although sager may not be a common name too many people, the company are widely known to gaming enthusiasts looking for high quality laptops incorporating the latest technology. This laptop has a powerful Nvidia 670M graphics card and an Intel core i5-3210 processor. Another cool feature of this models you get are HDMI and Display Port for the ultimate flexibility when it comes to video output. It is an especially great model for college students as it is affordable and at the same time offers a good gaming experience. This is why it is considered as one of the best laptops for gaming and college.


This laptop is available via Amazon with a nice configuration of a graphics card. The laptop also owns a fast processor of Intel core i7-360010OM. The MSI GE60 is fairly light for its size and easy to carry around. This makes it a great choice for students due to its commendable portability. Additionally, this laptop has 6GB RAM and 750GB hard drive that provides sufficient storage of files and documents including several gaming software that you may need. It is a cool choice for both studying and recreational activities thus meriting as one of the best laptops for gaming and college.

Hp Pavilion Dv6t Quad Edition

Built in a classy all black midnight looks, this laptop comes at an affordable price therfore quite affordable to many students. It has an Intel core i7-3610QM processor and 8GB of RAM which is clearly a huge memory ability for a laptop. It is superior in both its resolution and overall quality giving you an awesome gaming experience. On top of that the graphics installed on this laptop can be upgraded to the desired choice of your own. As one of the best laptops for gaming and college, this laptop is equipped with remarkable speakers that are not only good for gaming but also ideal for audiophiles.

Getting the best laptops for gaming and college is not an onerous job as you will find quite a number of great laptops at online sites such as Amazon or eBay. Nonetheless you could visit your nearest pc outlet with a complete set of specifications and enquire if there’s one that matches what you want. Aside from that you can search for any of your desired gaming and college laptops from leading manufacturers themselves. If you have saved enough money, purchasing a brand new one is recommended but even on a limited budget you can get a quality used or refurbished laptop.