Best Laptops Under 300 Dollars 2012

Best Laptops Under 300 Dollars

It is almost impossible to take care of all the vital tasks nowadays without having to use a laptop or a home PC. Having a laptop at your possession ensures that you carry out your tasks efficiently, accurately and most important: professionally. However although to think that you will get the best laptops under 300 dollars may seem delusional to many, it is still very much possible. To start with it is important that you keep in mind that laptops under this price range are not run down products as some people may argue. Check through Amazon and eBay keenly and you can find some really awesome offers of leading laptop brands being advertised. Some of the top notch laptops under 300 dollars that you can currently be purchase include:

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook

If you are on the hunt for a laptop with incredible surfing capabilities, this laptop would be an excellent choice. The sleek and light chrome book provides you with the best web experience you will ever find. Moreover it has about 6 hours battery life to enable you to surf for as long as you like without having to worry about low battery problems. It is equipped with a 2GB RAM and over 320GB Hard drive for maximum data storage. On top of that, you can always communicate with family and friends via its preinstalled webcam: 1.3MP HD. It is priced at $299.

Dell Inspiron Im101z-3980BK

The Dell inspiron is one of the best laptops under 300 dollars loaded with many incredible features. It is equipped with first generation dual 1.2 GHz Intel Core processor plus a 2GB RAM. In addition the laptop comes preinstalled with Windows 7 Home Premium OS. The machine more so has an 11.6 inch screen which is efficient for gaming as well as normal surfing needs. Generally it’s a great laptop for carrying out most routine tasks like browsing the web, document editing, watching movies and even listening to music. Considering its many other magnificent specs, this laptop is well worth its price at $299.99.

Acer Aspire 5750

As one of the best laptops under 300 dollars, this laptop guarantees exceptionally good performance. You’ll certainly get attracted to its clear and bright screen which has an extremely pleasant display. What’s even more is the fact that it has a huge 6GB RAM that is upgradable to 8GB for users who need a larger memory capacity. The Intel core i3 2310M processor has contributed a lot to its efficiency making it quite a reliable machine to use despite being sold cheaply.

Enlisted are only a few of the examples you could give regard to when searching for the best laptops under 300 dollars. However most of these laptops are either already used or refurbished but this however does not mean that their quality is compromised. Remember that they also allow you to save lots of bucks that you’d have otherwise spent if you had settled on a new laptop. Then you will always be given warranty to ensure that you could always get a replacement incase of technical hitches. You therefore don’t have to worry of losing your money even as you go for used or refurbished options.