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Best Laptops Under 400 Dollars

Are There Really Any Best Laptops Under 400 Dollars?

There are quite a number of dealers and manufactures offering the Best Laptops under 400 Dollars. You may however be wondering if this kind of laptop is really worth going for. Well, sure it is. Such laptops can accommodate your needs just as the high priced ones can. Most manufacturers have devised ways of marketing there esteemed laptops at relatively lower prices but at a profit. You will only be required to research extensively in order to find one that impresses you. It is additionally advisable to enquire from accredited outlets as you could also purchase a good laptop from them.

Acer AS5253 – BZ684

Acer is best known for their quality laptops. This model is not exceptional. It is equipped with an impressively clear and cool 15.6 inch screen for a flawless display. Moreover it has webcam that sure produces quality images that you could always put into professional use. It also has 3GB of installed RAM which can be upgraded to 8GB if need be. This laptop is installed with a windows 7 home premium (64 bit) OS for efficacy. As for the lovers of outdoor activities it is such an excellent laptop as it consumes power slowly. Additionally it has a 1.6 GHz AMD E-Series E – 350 dual – core processor and goes for only $399.99.

Asus K50IJ – XA1

Categorized among the Best Laptops under 400 Dollars, the Asus K50IJ – XA1 is currently on sale at $400. This laptop has cool features such as a RAM of 4GB and a sleek 15.6 inch HD screen Display. Moreover it is equipped with a 0.3MP webcam and 4 USB ports. This makes it easy to make as many connections as you like. This laptop comes in an attractive black color with an Intel core 2 duo processor. Another impressive factor about this laptop is the ability to hold power for a long duration. This makes it easy to carry out outdoor tasks without any qualms.

HP Pavilion dm1-4210us

The HP Company has one of the Best Laptops under 400 Dollars. This HP Pavilion is compact and light with a good solid frame. It is powered by an accelerated processor 1.4GHz which delivers responsive and energy efficient performance for all day tasks. This laptop has an array of built in features for ease of use designed for an elegant and comfortable use. It is perfectly compatible with all programs. The glossy screen of this laptop is good for watching movies and its speakers are of absolute amazing quality. Not forgetting that it has a fantastic battery life of 6hours.

Finally, you should be able to constantly check for these offers online to get the best deals. These types of offers occasionally come into the market. It is an easy way out especially for college students who are in dire need of cheap but quality laptops. You can even set up RSS feeds so that you will never miss any interesting offer from leading companies. The Best Laptops under 400 Dollars often come in equally attractive design. Many people tend to disregard such offers but you don’t have to worry because these laptops are also of great quality. What’s more is that they come with a warranty so incase of any hitches you could easily get a replacement.

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