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Best Lawn Mower Battery Reviews

If you are looking for a spare or replacement battery for you electric mower, or looking to buy a new cordless lawnmower that has a great quality battery, check out some of these lawn mower battery reviews.

Also by buying an additional larger extended life battery for your lawnmower, you can extend the use time significantly and cut larger areas of grass at one time, whilst having a spare recharging.

Lawnmower Battery Types

Most of the small electric push mower type of equipment uses mostly lithium ion batteries but also nickel cadmium and traditional lead acid batteries too, in wet, gel and AGM, Absorbed Glass Mat. Generally, the lithium ion batteries are more expensive but recharge much faster than the other nickel cadmium power cells. Having a spill resistant for AGM type of acid battery is advisable in lawn equipment and is generally what is found in the larger riding lawn tractors.

What you need to buy the right mower battery

Certainly when choosing a replacement lawnmower battery, it is imperative that you know the make, model, year and even the engine size of your lawnmower equipment. Knowing the physical size, height, weight and length of the battery you need to replace is key to getting the right battery for your mower.

With some of the cordless electric mowers, some of the replacement batteries need the housing removed to make them fit the older models of lawn mowing machines. If you know the battery voltage, model and brand of your failing battery, then you will be able to choose any riding or electric mower battery with ease.

Reviews of Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Batteries

Today we will concentrate on electric push mower lawn mower battery reviews. These are the three top rated, best-selling high quality rechargeable lawnmower batteries available on Amazon. Also you will see the lawn mower models and equipment at the right that these batteries are intended for and fit.

One thing to bear in mind when reading and considering reviews on electric lawn mower batteries, is that some people are quite uneducated when it comes to battery care, so improper charging, storage and use certainly can shorten the life of any battery, and this poor care and performance can be reflected in a purchaser’s review.

Certainly purchasing any type of battery requires that it be with freshly manufactured as batteries to naturally have a limited lifespan, due to the buildup of chemical byproducts within the battery that will interfere with the release of power when you need it.. Here are some available mower batteries on Amazon.

Greenworks 29212 20-Volt 6.0 Ah Lithium Ion Extended Run Time Lawn Mower Battery

This is a fairly large 20 Volt lithium ion extended run battery, that is very well reviewed. This is almost twice the size of the other green works battery, and although it is more expensive, reviewers say it is powerful and they can easily mow a third of an acre yard in one go with this battery powering their mowing equipment. The LED readout that gives an indication of power remaining in the battery, is a very popular feature.

This Greenworks power cell can also be used on other power lawn equipment including the leaf blower, pole trimmer, cordless electric chainsaw, hedge trimmer and string edging trimmer. This battery does not come with the charger so factor in that into your purchase price and remember to order at the same time. To read more reviews and see more specs on Amazon, click here

Black & Decker RB-3610 36-Volt Battery for CM1936 and SPCM1936 Lawn Mower

This 36V lead acid battery will also give power for an hour to an hour and a half, allowing the homeowner the freedom to use the cordless lawnmowers (the push CM1936 or the self propelled SPCM1936) on the third of an acre of lawn all at once, and also can be used with the multitude of Black & Decker outdoor power equipment.

Also an energy star rated battery charger is included so no need to worry about ordering separately or paying extra for it. Also the lawnmowers do come with this one 36V battery included too. Reviewers are very happy with both this reliable product’s performance, and the convenience of having a charger for each battery, all the ratings are positive, see for yourself here.

WORX WA0032 24-Volt Replacement Battery For Cordless Lawn Mowers

Good quality and 17 amp hours of power per charge are definitely appreciated by customers. You’ll need to buy a separate charger.

Though the high battery cost gives some buyers pause, most reviewers love the convenience of a reliable spare battery for mowing large yards and the 24 volts gives plenty of power for mowing the lawn. Check this out on Amazon here

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