Best LCD TV Under 800

When you are looking for the best LCD TV under 800 dollars, you only need to look at two brands: Samsung and LG. These two South Korean companies dominate the market for LCD TVs and provide the best picture quality for a very low price. If you are reading this article after having thoroughly researched HDTVs, you most likely have read up on LED TVs as well. The differences between LCD and LED are very small, except for a few components. LED TVs showcase better black levels and contrast compared to their LCD counterparts. Color accuracy is also slightly stronger on the LED TV. In addition, LED TVs are more energy efficient because they use less light to display pictures. The only drawback to an LED TV is the price. When LED TVs became available on the market, LCD TVs became a cheaper option for many consumers. Although the LED has a few advantages over the LCD, the difference in picture quality is invisible to the naked eye. LCD TVs provide great quality as well as value. Below, I have listed two of the best LCD TVs under 800 dollars.

Buy Now: LG 47LK520

Only $699

The LG 47LK520 is a 47 inch size LCD TV that is absolutely perfect for watching sports, playing video games and watching movies with the family. This LCD TV comes armed with 1080p resolution and TruMotion 120Hz technology, which allows for amazing picture quality. In addition, the LG 47LK520 also comes with LG Smart TV, which gives you access to tons of movies, apps, videos and web-browsing capabilities. If you have never purchased an HDTV before, I wholeheartedly recommend the LG 47LK520, which gives you the best quality for its ridiculously low value. This is the best LCD TV that you can purchase under 800 dollars.

Buy Now: Samsung LN46D550

Only $739

The Samsung LN46D550 46-Inch is the second LCD TV that I recommend. This Samsung LCD TV has a very elegant and thin design that would bring any living room to life. Like the LG 47LK520, this Samsung TV comes armed with its own Samsung Smart TV that gives viewers access to the Internet as well as a slew of other cool features. You really can’t go wrong with LG or Samsung when it comes to LCD TVs. Both companies provide top-notch quality for a great price. Although Samsung has the bigger brand name and makes more revenue, LG has recently made incredible strides to improve their technology. In my personal opinion, LG has surpassed Samsung when it comes to LCD TVs. Whichever choice you make, know that you will be satisfied by purchasing any one of these LCD TVs under 800 dollars.