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Best Leaf Blower Reviews


Leaf blowers are ideal to have during the Fall season when all of the leaves fall to the ground and cover your front lawn, driveway, and walkways. Remember the days when you had to get out the rake and spend hours raking all of the leaves from the front lawn to only have to do the same thing the next day? Instead of raking you can now use a leaf blower to quickly get the leaves piled up.

Some of the best leaf blowers will enable you to shred or mulch the leaves as well, saving even more time for you to do other things. You will be able to get rid of the leaves without having to bag them over and over. Some leaf blowers can vacuum them into a bag for you. To find some of the best leaf blower reviews you can look online or here for some ideas. If you want to find more Amazon reviews, click here for more leaf blowers.

Husquvarna 125B

Best Leaf Blower ReviewsHusquvarna 125B 28cc engine Gas Powered Handheld Leaf Blower got four stars from reviewers on It is CARB compliant and costs about $140. It has two cycle engine and a maximum power speed of 8,000rpm, see more features here.

A leaf blower that is lightweight at almost eight pounds and is ergonomic. The fan speed can be adjusted to help you handle it easier. The blowing tube length is adjustable. This allows you to be able to get the best performance with up to 170mph air power. It has a two stroke 28cc engine, find more reviews here.

Hitachi RB24

Best Leaf Blower ReviewsAnother one of the best garden blower reviews is the Hitachi RB24 EAP 2 Stroke Gas Powered Handheld Blower. It got four stars from more than 325 reviewers on Amazon. It is CARB compliant and lightweight at nine pounds. It is balanced for the most comfort while using and reduced fatigue, see more features here.

The air volume is 441cfm and has a low emissions engine. It offers a 1.13 horsepower commercial grade engine as well. It has an automatic return stop switch that reset the blower to the on position and it can go up 170mph, read more reviews here.

Toro 51585

Best Leaf Blower ReviewsToro 51585 Power Sweep Two Speed Electric Blower got 4.5 stars from 271 Amazon reviewers and is considered the best leaf blower brand many trust.

It has two speed air controls from 130 to 160 mph and is very versatile, see more features here.

It has a 7.0A motor and has an air volume of 155cfm. It is very lightweight for easy maneuvering at almost five pounds. It is powerful and easy to use. It can cover from a small area to large areas of pavement and grass, read more reviews here.

Toro 51599

Best Leaf Blower ReviewsToro 51599 Ultra Variable Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum with Metal Impeller has a 12amp motor. It got 4.5 stars from over 1,200 Amazon reviewers. It has a cord lock system to keep the power cord or extension cord in place, see more features here.

This blower is three in one with not only being a leaf blower, but it shreds leaves and vacuums them. It has a quick release latch that allows you to easily convert the blower to a shredder or vacuum. It has two air speeds of 112 to 235 mph of air flow, read more reviews here.

These are among the best leaf blower reviews listed on Amazon. There are a few others that got good ratings and are reliable as well. Depending on what you want out of your leaf blower such as if you do not want to spend a lot of money or if you want your leaf blower to do multiple duties will help you get the leaf blower of your choice. Read more reviews here for the best leaf blowers on the market!

Best Leaf Blower Reviews
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