Best LED Monitor: Samsung S23A350H HDMI Full 1080p HD video Slim Design

I am very happy with the Samsung S23A350H. It took me about a month investigating different models to buy a screen for my laptop that I can also use like a TV to play with my XBOX. This device is really impressive when I play with the XBOX. The HDMI port is very useful, too.

Best LED Monitor Samsung S23A350H HDMI  Full 1080p HD video Slim Design

It took me a while to adjust the resolutions but now It works perfectly with my laptop. It is not so sharp as my laptop’s screen but I guess that, the fact that its size is the double of my laptop’s screen and maybe I don’t have yet the best configuration. The stand is very good, it is not very elegant but it is firm and its angle is easy to adjust.

The quality of the integrated speakers of the Samsung S23A350H is really, really good. This is one of the best advantages of this monitor. There is no need of external speakers and it sounds really well.

Besides, it is designed for a reduced power consumption so you can save money on your electric bill. And if you use it as TV and monitor you save the costs of having an additional device!

This TV- monitor has plenty of advantages: it is a very good choice as a TV or as a monitor, it has a great resolution and a very good response time, it is very light and portable. If you live in a small condo and you have no space you can use the Samsung S23A350H as a TV and as a monitor for your laptop. This is a great product with a great value for money.

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