Best Makeup Brush Set for the Money

These are the best makeup brush sets for the money this year. Having the right makeup brushes can make a huge difference in how you apply your makeup and how good it looks on you.

Scroll down for comparisons, reviews and the best prices on top rated makeup brush sets including Elite, Real Techniques, SHANY Cosmetics and EcoTools.

Elite 18 Piece Makeup Brush Set

This Elite 18 Piece Makeup Brush Set with case costs more than the other sets listed below, but they are way too good to pass up. First of all, they are synthetic, which is far better than makeup brushes that use real hair since they are safer and more hygienic. Second, these professional cosmetic brushes can be used with cream, liquid and powder cosmetics giving you maximum versatility.

The 18 piece makeup brush set comes with every brush type you could possibly ever need including ones for your eyebrows, eyelashes, eyeshadow, lips and more. Whether you want to use blush, powder, concealer or eyeliner, there are different sized brushes for those too.

Reviewers say they are incredibly soft, durable and by far the best they have ever owned. They are completely vegan, which is a nice plus. If you want to feel like a professional makeup artist, this is the makeup brush set to buy.

Real Techniques Core Collection Set

This Real Techniques Core Collection Set is the best cheap makeup brush set you can possibly buy for under $20. These brushes are also synthetic and cruelty-free. You’ll love the fact each brush is color-coded so you know exactly when and how to use each one for perfect makeup application.

Even the names for the brushes are printed right on the handles just in case you aren’t sure which one is which. This inexpensive makeup brush set can be used with shimmer, highlighter, mineral makeup, liquid, cream and powder cosmetics. They are lightweight, durable, smooth and ultra plush. For the price, they offer the most value for the money.

SHANY Cosmetics NY Collection Pro Brush Kit

This SHANY Cosmetics NY Collection Pro Brush Kit is another highly rated budget set. If you want some natural makeup brushes, I highly recommend this one because it provides you with both types. The case looks really nice with its faux crocodile design.

EcoTools BAMBOO 6-pc Makeup Brush Set

This EcoTools BAMBOO 6-pc Makeup Brush Set 1206 is compact, inexpensive and comes in its own little storage pouch that is small enough to fit in your purse. The bristles are made out of synthetic Taklon, which are also vegan and cruelty-free. The handles are made out of recycled aluminum and bamboo. Priced under $15 these makeup brushes are an absolute steal.

SHANY Cosmetics Urban Gal Collection Brush Kit

This SHANY Cosmetics Urban Gal Collection Brush Kit is perfect for travelers. If you need to do makeup on the go or while traveling to competitions and other events, this gives you all the brushes you need in handy little holders that zip up and store in your bag. Did I mention, that these brushes are completely vegan?