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Best Masonic Rings


The Master Mason wears a Masonic ring because he makes a solemn promise that signifies his true desire to be bound with the fraternity of Masons.

It is a promise to be bound in unity to his brotherhood. It is like a marriage where two people make a legal bond which ties them together. In the fraternity, it is the act of the promise of unity. Because we have free will, so does a Mason, he is technically free to leave at any time. What sets a Freemason apart from others is his desire and oath that binds him to the fraternity. You’ve heard it said that a man’s word is his bond and this is true with Mason’s.

Masonic rings are a visual sign to the world that a Freemason is bound to the brotherhood and they are bound to the Mason. Everyone needs to feel a part of something and this fraternity is no different. By wearing your ring, it also shows that you are an authentic part of the brotherhood.

What do the symbols mean? There are a large number of symbols but the most common are the square and the compasses, which usually has a G in the center. It could also have an ‘eye’ instead of the G. Both of the symbols represent Deity. There can actually be other symbols as well, some too small to even make out what it is. They could include the plumb, level, beehive and volume of the sacred law.

If you would like to see what a real Masonic Ring looks like, take a look at this youtube video that shows a real gold ring.

There is a question on how to wear the Masonic Ring, with the points of the legs of the compass facing toward the brother or pointing away from him.

The answer according to the Masonic Service association of North America says it can be worn either way. If it points to the brother it will remind him of his obligation to the brotherhood and if it is away from him it shows his authenticity as a Master Mason, so actually both ways are right. However, not everyone agrees with this and some feel there are historical facts that tell you how to wear a Masonic Ring.

You can learn more about Freemasonry check out some other articles online.

Best Masonic Rings
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