Best Material For A Deck: What Are Your Options?

Best Material for a Deck

In terms of the best material for a deck, varying opinions were made regarding this dilemma. The best deck material can be distinguished depending on your standards and requirements. There are various materials available. However, up until today, a perfect deck material has not been created. For example, you can choose durability over cost-effectiveness and not both ways. What are the factors to consider and options you can take in choosing a deck material?

Factors to consider when choosing deck materials

In choosing for the best deck material for you, several factors should be considered to shorten your list of options. What are these factors?

  • Installation – Most individuals prefer the do it yourself (DIY) method in building decks. This is a good thing if you want to save some cash. However, if this is the case, opting for wood would be your best option. This is because special materials such as aluminum would require wielding machines and skills. During the planning stage, you have to think ahead and consider this factor before purchasing materials and moving on to the construction process.
  • Maintenance – Another factor to consider in choosing the best material for a deck is the maintenance including repairs. Although in the context of cleaning decks, a standard once or twice a year power washing or pressure treating is required. The problem in this scenario is that some materials are delicate to extreme pressure which would definitely require professional services.
  • Durability – A long lasting material is what everyone wants. However, due to natural elements longevity of certain materials is decreased. Furnishing your decks would play a vital role with its durability. It is a matter choosing the right coating or furnishing product.
  • Budget – The most important factor is your budget. From purchasing deck materials to furnishing your decks, money is imperative. Be reminded that your budget should sufficiently cover every stages of construction. If you can’t opt for the best material you’ve chosen because of its price, you might want to opt for the second best.

Deck materials

There are four types of materials you can opt for. Each type has several sub-types that you can also choose.

  • Wood – Depending on the type of wood, it may last for 2-3 years for pressurized wood or 10-15 years for cedar. Low longevity, costly and natural elements are the major concerns in regards to wood. However, if you’re opting for aesthetic effect wood would surely increase your homes appeal.
  • Composite – A combination of concrete and wood would definitely outlast wood type materials. The only problem with this is sun exposure that extremely fades its surface.
  • Vinyl – There are two types of vinyl deck material, solid and hollow. Basically, they act like wood however, they are more durable. Being a lightweight material installation is easier.
  • Aluminum – Being the most recent deck material produced, studies are still conducted regarding its longevity. However, it can withhold splits, cracks, warps and other problems incurred in its counterparts. Furthermore, this is the most expensive among its counterparts.

These are your options when it comes to deck materials. Choosing for the best material for a deck for you would vary depending on how you evaluate factors presented above.