Best Medical Schools US

Best Medical Schools In the US

Are you trying to prepare for the best medical schools? Here is what you need to know in order to get admission and also which schools are better for you. Also tips on getting better grades in the MCAT.

Getting into Best Medical Schools

Are you trying to get into the best possible medical school? Well then you need a lot of information. But most of all you need to know how to prepare in advance. If you are planning to go to med school you need the right kind of courses and the right kind of summer activities even which will make your medical school application stand out from the rest.

What Do You Need to Do To Get into the Best Medical School?

Getting into the top medical schools isn’t easy but it is definitely not impossible. There are a lot of things you can do in order to get your application to be special. A lot of students that get into medical schools will tell you that you need to be good at both studies and extracurricular activities in order to be eligible for medical school.
You will also need to make sure that you take the right courses. Biology, chemistry, math and English are usually the required subjects for student trying to get into med school. You can also get more information from the student advisor at your school and ask them what course combinations may be better.
In addition to that, medical schools need student who have leadership qualities as well as other important socializing skills so that they are eligible candidates who can perform better in the real medical world. If you are someone who can balance school education and extracurricular activities then you are certainly a better option than someone who only has good grades to offer.

Prepare for the MCAT

Preparation for the Medical College Admission Test is also important because your application will largely depend on the score of the MCAT as it will on your grades in school and anything else. Preparing for the MCAT is definitely easier if you do it with some prep course.
But you can also study for the MCAT on your own because prep classes can cost you thousands of dollars which you may not be able to afford. When you are preparing on your own it is better to spend at least six months planning for the test and preparing as much as possible.

Best Medical Schools

Here is a list of the best medical schools that have been ranked highly by US News rankings:
Harvard University
University of Pennsylvania
Johns Hopkins University
Washington University in St. Louis
Duke University
Stanford University
University of California–San Francisco
Yale University
University of Washington
Columbia University
University of Michigan–Ann Arbor


Getting into the best medical schools requires a lot of planning and insight on your part and you actually need to do it before you even select courses in school. You should also make efforts to have a solid extracurricular life at your school along with maintaining good grades in order to be a more eligible candidate for medical schools.