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Best Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera

Now, you really don’t need to recess your creativity for affordability and portability. Those days, where only high end DSLRs has the capability of interchangeable lens are gone. Now, mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (MILC) are available in compact size and at affordable price. Mirrorless camera is a great innovation in the field of photography which retained every aspects of a DSLR camera except the optical viewfinder. One of the greatest advantages of MILC is its size. Unlike DSLR camera, mirrorless interchangeable lens camera comes in a compact size; quiet easy to accompany where ever you go. Manufacturers have developed this new generation camera with big sensor to boast the quality of photos. MILC also comes with easy menu operations and is truly a good replacement for a heavy DSLR especially for photographic enthusiastic. We have come up with a list of best mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. We understand an experienced eye is able to choose the best one on its own. If you are one such, you can straight away jump to amazon.com.Click here to view the top rated mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.

Olympus E-PM2 Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera:

Olympus E-PM2 Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera:Olympus E-PM2 Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera is another successful mirrorless digital camera from Olympus. It is a successor of PEN E-PL1 series which is a super hit model. At a price of $449.99, the MILC comes with 16 MP Live MOS sensor and TruePic features to deliver crisp and clear pictures that challenges even images taken with a SLR camera. The camera is really a user friendly camera; it has iAuto feature and 23 scene modes which the camera itself selects the best mode to deliver a perfect picture. The camera offers nice way to explore your creativity with its 12 ready to use Air filters. Another excellent feature is its blazing speed and quick response touch shutter. Olympus E-PM2 is constructed with a new built-in grip for comfortable handling. Another feature that we all look for is low light performance. The camera features a boasted ISO sensitivity of 25,000; it delivers great quality picture even in hard to shoot light condition. Over all Olympus E-PM2 Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera is a great alternate for a DSLR that comes in a smaller price tag. Let us see a buyer’s opinion on this camera, “Well in my opinion it has exceeded my expectations particularly regarding its image quality.” See more reviews here.

Fujifilm X100 12.3 MP APS-C CMOS EXR Digital Camera:


Fujifilm X100 12.3 MP APS-C CMOS EXR Digital Camera:

Although Fujifilm digital cameras are priced on the higher side, its performance is unbeatable. That’s why most of the photographic enthusiastic own Fujifilm camera. Fujifilm X100 12.3 MP APS-C CMOS EXR Digital Camera is another impressive digital camera from them. The good news is this compact interchangeable lens camera is constructed with analog control dials and bigger APS-C sensor similar to the size of an SLR sensor. The result is better efficiency and sharp images with outstanding clarity. Fujifilm X100 12.3 MP APS-C CMOS EXR Digital Camera is engineered with world’s first Hybrid viewfinder. Usually mirrorless cameras are constructed with electronic view finder instead of optical viewfinder. Fujifilm X100 has introduced a hybrid view finder which includes the shooting frame of a range view finder as well as a variety of electronic view finder shooting frame. This allows photographers to play with the camera and they can capture wide range of shots even in challenging low light situation. Fujifilm X100 12.3 MP APS-C CMOS EXR Digital Camera is available at a price of $1,190.00.See more features here.

Sony NEX-7 24.3 MP Compact Interchangeable Lens Camera:

Sony NEX-7 24.3 MP Compact Interchangeable Lens Camera:

Sony NEX-7 is another top selling mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. It has got more positive reviews. Many users are really thrilled by its 24.3 MP and up to 10fps sequential shooting features. The camera also features high level Tri-Navi 3- dial manual control which most of advanced photographers desire for. Not only impressive stills! Sony Nex-7 offers excellent full 1920X1080 resolution HD movies at 60p, 60i and 24p. Sony NEX-7 24.3 MP Compact Interchangeable Lens Camera hardly have shutter lag, it is faster than any of your previous favorite cameras. The electronic view finder works well and delivers outstanding results even in dim light situations. Overall, Sony NEX-7 24.3 MP Compact Interchangeable Lens Camera is best of the best mirrorless cameras. Sony NEX-7 24.3 MP Compact Interchangeable Lens Camera starts at a price of $1,098. A real time user’s comment on this camera” Compared to other mirorrless options, the NEX-7 has the best EVF on the market, a very compact but more comfortable body, amazing resolution, and the best control setup to be found on a mirrorless body.” See more reviews here.

Nikon 1 J1 10.1 MP HD Digital Camera System:

Nikon 1 J1 10.1 MP HD Digital Camera System:Nikon 1 J1 10.1 MP HD Digital Camera System starts at an affordable price of $396.95 and it includes 10-30mm VR 1 NIKKOR Lens. Nikon 1 J1 is highly compact and portable. With so many years of experience in digital technology, Nikon engineers have developed the camera with EXPEED 3 processor. It delivers high system performance, outstanding AF speed, faster data transfer rate and impressive image quality. Nikon 1 J1 10.1 MP HD Digital Camera System is truly a silent storm. The low light performance is great and the menus are simple to navigate. The lens mounting is also simple and easy. Another exciting feature in this camera is that you can record movies and take still at the same time. You get Nikon 1 J1 10.1 MP HD Digital Camera System is attractive colors such as pink, red, black, white and silver. Check out a customer’s review on this mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, “If youre looking for a step up from a point and shoot or a step down from a dslr this camera is the best of both worlds!” See more reviews here.

We have arrived at this list merely not based on the price. It is based on other factors such as performance, style, quality, durability etc. Buying the best mirrorless camera with interchangeable lens can make a big difference in your photography experience.

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