Best Mosquito Repellent For Yard

With summer months getting close, that also means the start of pesky pests and bugs. You and your family members will not be the only ones who are out to have some fun as nasty flying bugs will be out also searching for a fast meal. That meal is simply you. You can easily fight these unwanted mosquitoes and pests and make your yard much safer and pleasant place by buying the best mosquito repellent for yard.

In this case the Flowtron BK-80D 80-Watt Electronic Insect Killer would be an excellent deal. It can cover up to 1-1/2 acres. This might seem much, however it is far better to be safe and sound than regretful. This unit is strongly suggested even if you reside on 1/2 an acre. This is also true if you are living in the southern states where pesky bugs are widespread.

Important Features & Highlights:

1) Size: 11″ X 11″ X 18 1/2″.
2) Electric: Connects to a typical wall socket.
3) Convenience and upkeep: Non-clogging grid & straightforward bulb changing.
4) Bulb: Intense black light.
5) Durability: Can stand tough weather conditions like direct sun light that might cause lose of color and cracks.

Additional options: Includes a repellent scent cartridge that will catch the attention of mosquitoes and bugs to the unit and keep them faraway from you.


1) The zapping sound might be irritating to pets.
2) Could be challenging to clean up. A quality air compressor is advised. Even though it’s basically self-cleaning, you’ll have to blow it out every now and then.
3) Singed smell from big bugs.


1) Could be enjoyable to observe, particularly if can’t stand mosquitoes and believe they’re getting what they should have.
2) Protects a substantial area.
3) Affordable.
4) No unwelcome chemical compounds.

Crucial Point:

Don’t place close to your front door unless you want pests getting into your home each and every time you open the door. These kinds of items perform best if they’re several meters away from your deck area. This really is to help keep dead pests from falling over any person and to keep them away from the areas you spend most of your time. Furthermore, in case you don’t like to clean dead insects off your deck in the morning, you might need to position it to the sideways thus the pest parts will fall into the lawn. Don’t be concerned; it could in fact help add some additional nourishment to your plants and flowers.

Why it is considered to be one of the best mosquito repellents for yard and bug zappers:

The 80-watt Flowtron covers around 1 and 1 / 2 acres and has gotten a lot of positive reviews and feedback from home owners, even those who own sizeable backyards.

This device might seem expensive, however when compared with the cost to what would be spent in a few years on other solutions, you will find out that it’s a great deal. In fact some homeowners have mentioned that they have had their devices for more than five years and just swapped out the bulbs one time. This is really an excellent deal over time.

Considerations you might have:

Electric powered bug zappers usually irritate or scare cats and dogs. It might take them a while to get accustomed to this. You might need to place it a few feet out of your deck, particularly if your pets enjoy spending time in the backyard. You are going to handle dead bug body parts if you keep it over your deck or sidewalk. It is better to place it over a grassy spot to avoid everyday bug clean up. You might need a compact air compressor or a leaf blower to use every couple of weeks. This will keep the device in top condition so that it can perform its task more effectively.

Further Essential Details:

You’ll need an extension cord. The cord that comes with the device is just six inches long. You should also get a pole to place it on or some sort of plant hanger attached to a tree. It’s advised not to hang it near to walls since this may decrease its efficiency, yet only a bit. It puts off sufficient light to produce a wonderful backyard night light. It is recommended that you utilize the unit around twenty five feet far from home or deck area. Once more, this is to help keep the pests at that distance in order to enjoy your patio and not be concerned with bugs.

You might need to buy a backyard timer outlet if you simply choose to operate the Flowtron throughout particular hours of the evening and night. Nevertheless, if you reside in the southern states, you are aware that mosquitoes could be out throughout the day based on the varying weather conditions.

What are buyers’ reviews?

• I purchased this device a while back, mounted it around fifty ft away from my patio, and was astonished by the action. Once I connected it to the power outlet, it began zapping- MOSQUITOS– I have not even put the Octenol attractant in there yet.

• I’ve possessed the 80 watt Bug Killer for more than five years. And have been totally pleased with its efficiency. I’ve four acres with approximately 1 1/2 acre as backyard with the home.

• It looks that it kills any pests drawn to it rapidly and without being blocked.

All these features contribute to make it really the best mosquito repellent for yard.