Best music streaming sites

Best music streaming sites

That in the year 2011 can also earn on the Internet with other people’s work a lot of money, shows the music-streaming service Grooveshark ( ). In 2007 by a US-American students launched streaming portal not only enjoys great popularity in the United States.

Even German music fans are on the side of the road every day to be entertained by cutting edge hits, classics, history of music and indie songs. About the legality of this music-making service, however, only very few users thought. Why should they?

But how can it be that, while globally popular services like Pandora ( ), for copyright reasons not be reached from Germany, Grooveshark other hand, expanding its range ever? PC Magazine has the music streaming service, put a little more closely.

Semi-legally or illegally?

At first glance, Grooveshark is reminiscent of the music-on-demand services Pandora and Spotify . The music fan website equipping of a visit, looking for specific songs to put together their own playlists and can sprinkle the day of his favorite songs.

In addition, community features to choose from, so that songs can be a friend via various social networks. But while Pandora and Spotify pay royalties for playing songs, Grooveshark operated by copyright in a gray area.

Contracts that allow the use of copyrighted music has Grooveshark closed only with the major label EMI and indie record company Merlin. In other lables you stand according to information in negotiations. Said contracts came into existence only after the companies had sued Grooveshark in the United States.

And then where Grooveshark has millions of songs? It’s simple: They are uploaded by other users (see ‘Uploading music on Grooveshark’). Whether you sit really Lady Gaga, Beyonce or Justin Bieber at home in front of the computer and set their own songs on Grooveshark, may well be doubted.

Accordingly, we must be prepared so that can be found among the files uploaded pirated copies. That the business model is not without controversy, demonstrated by the fact that both Apple’s and Google’s mobile phone Grooveshark app removed from their stores. On the other hand, Grooveshark Florida resident and would have been long since been shut down, if the offer would be clearly illegal.

Music around the Clock

Apart from the somewhat dubious business model Grooveshark an interesting offer that will satisfy music fans is full. Users attempting to log not call on the website, type the name of an artist and start the search.

To add individual songs in your own playlist, the music fan moves the cursor over the desired entry and click the icon ‘Play’ to. Other songs then travel by clicking ‘add to the current song’ in your own playlist, which is then played back piece by piece.

The visitor decides to free membership, which allows it to others to save their playlists, they will click on the button ‘Become Member’ and follow the onscreen instructions. It is also possible to log in with their Google or Facebook account. From the second-mentioned variant, we strongly advise against data protection reasons.

Security-conscious users should also be considered to control the music service over a VPN connection to hide their IP address. This is the only way to ensure that anonymity is maintained. This is all the more when one has before, even upload songs.

If you want more, must pay

As the operator of the streaming service to earn money, includes the free membership only rudimentary functions. Music fans who want to be asked to pay. Currently, two types of membership are offered: ‘Grooveshark Anywhere’ and ‘Groove Shark Plus.’

For $ 9 a month to ‘Grooveshark Anywhere’ subscribers use the service on their mobile phone. It supports iOS, Android and WebOS devices as well as models from Nokia and Blackberry.

Since the Grooveshark app is found but not in Apple’s iTunes store owners need of iPod touch, iPhone and iPad ‘jailbreak’ their device and the applets from the Cydia App Store, download and import. After launching the app you log in using your login credentials to start the 14-day test period. During this time you can play a maximum of 50 songs on your IOS device.

All other users of the website instead of your phone ‘’ paid a visit and download the app. ‘Grooveshark Plus’ costs six dollars a month. For all advertisements will be removed from the site.

In addition, all subscribers will benefit from Grooveshark desktop, an application with which to address the music playback control without even calling the website. But also functions as crossfading of songs that play YouTube videos and the ‘Power Hour’ mode, in which everyone is included in the playlist song played 60 seconds in length, are reserved for paying subscribers.

Uploading music on Grooveshark

We have made it to the test set and two songs on Grooveshark. After clicking on the ‘Music’ button will open a new window in which we click on ‘Continue’. Then, a Java application is downloaded and installed. In the window that we go into the folder where the file resides, highlight the song and click ‘Continue’.

The song is already met – as is the case in this example – you drive with ‘Continue’ continues to start the upload. Otherwise, the appropriate boxes, fill in, among other things, ‘Title’, ‘Artist’ and ‘genre’.

Has worked out the uploading, the window with ‘Finish’ is closed. Access to all the songs a user has uploaded itself, via the menu item ‘My Music’. As briefly mentioned, all other Grooveshark users to access the uploaded songs from other users.

Grooveshark music download

Save to disk, the songs can be streamed course not – at least not directly from the Grooveshark site. Since the signal is routed through the built in computer sound card to the pit to dump it’s not a big problem with the music of proven tools like Tunebite.

A completely different way groovy beats down 0.67 one. The free tool which connect directly to the title database of the service and allows you to save any songs – regardless of whether you have a Grooveshark account.

Unzip the downloaded file and run the program. A click on ‘Settings’ button opens a dialog where you can specify ‘Save Settings’ to the download directory. With ‘Save Settings’ close the dialog.

The search for specific songs is just as simple: you type in the search – artist, album or song title – in the input field and press the Enter key. Then double-click in the list of sites on the song you want to save the file in the ‘Download List’ record. You have selected all the songs, click on the button ‘download’.

However, all references to be downloaded in one go, click on the button ‘Add All’. And on ‘Tools’ and ‘popular songs’ To retrieve a list of 500 songs that are currently in high demand on Grooveshark trend. And even these songs can be downloaded for granted. But remember: this is only legal in copyright-free works.