Best Netbook Under 300 Dollars 2012

Best Netbook under 300 dollars

All those on the lookout for good quality, cheap and performance based netbooks can now take a breather thanks to the many excellent offers that are currently up for grabs. Many manufacturers have cut out costs for buyers in order to ensure that everybody can acquire themself a netbook/laptop. By dedicating a good amount of time searching for the best netbook under 300 dollars; you can still find one that has good processing speed, a fairly long battery life and one that provides excellent performance in general. Some further have awesome graphics that come in handy when viewing photos and watching movies. You just need to know what to look for!


The instant start up capability is a real boon with this netbook for people who don’t like to wait too long for their netbook to start as it starts up pretty fast. Moreover, the 10.1 inch display is ideal for sending emails, web browsing and even watching videos among other uses. The screen and lid is attractively glossy and the resolution of this laptop is awesome. This notebook is very fast in opening web pages and even running complex programs hence a good choice for people who love to stay online most of the time. The ASUS X101CH netbook has a 350GB hard drive and 1GB RAM. Its warranty lasts up to 1 year. It is one of the best netbook under 300 dollars being priced at $269.


This netbook is a blend of beauty and energy efficiency totaled with other incredible features. First, it has an in built webcam which enables you to chat face to face over the internet with friends, family and business associates. Secondly the laptop has a 250GB hard drive and 1GB RAM that provides enough space for data storage. With a 10.1 inch LED backlit widescreen, it makes it easier to view your applications with great resolution and clear visibility. Being sold at $299.98 it is regarded as one of the best netbook under 300 dollars.


This netbook from Toshiba also comes with various enticing laptop features hence should not miss out on your best netbook under 300 dollars search list. This ergonomic device includes an Intel atom processor and 250MB dynamically allocated shared graphics memory. Movies and photos and other documents can be efficiently accommodated in this machine with its 1GB memory and a 250GB HDD. The company allegedly claims that this netbook provides almost 8 hours of battery life which is long enough for stress free use.

However when searching for these netbooks you should ensure to get them from certified distributors just to be certain of the quality and efficiency. When searching them from the internet it is especially insightful to get them from accredited sites for example Amazon. This will ensure that you get up to date machines with warranties that will come in handy when you need a replacement. Moreover always take the initiative of weighing as many options as you can before making any purchase. This way you won’t have a difficult time getting the best netbook under 300 dollars to buy.