Best Netbook Under 300 Dollars

Best Netbook Under 300 Dollars – Cheap and Affordable Netbook Deals

For those looking for style, sleekness, portability and affordable prices for netbook deals; looking into the best netbook under 300 dollars will definitely be important. Most buyers especially students are usually on a limited budget so price is often the primary consideration taken into account in determining which are the best netbook deals. But hope is not lost for such people as there are many netbooks under $300 that you can purchase.

Best cheap netbooks on sale

One of the best netbook under 300 dollars is the Asus Eee Seashell that costs $199.99. It is an all round affordable netbook that has got very user friendly features and specs. It consumes less power and has a battery life of up to five hours. With its 250GB HDD one has nothing to worry about as far as memory space is concerned. It has 2 USB slots for connectivity, audio jack, and a micro SD card slot. The other netbook that can fall in this category is the Toshiba NB250, which holds a price tag of $250. For those who love style this netbook won’t disappoint you. Its usability and design is full as it is just incredible and weighs 1.3 kg, with a well spaced keyboard, accurate track pad and a sturdy body. It has 3 USB ports, headphone jack, micro SD card and a microphone port. Not forgetting Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth with a 250GB hard drive. Its built in speakers additionally offer very good sound quality.

The Dell Inspiron N450 is another netbook under 300 dollars. Its features include a 1GB memory, screen of 10.1 inch and a built in webcam. Lastly there is the Gate way LT280 2u which is currently being sold for $279.99. It operates with the Windows 7 starter OS and a processor of 1.66GHz speed. Besides, it has a 1GB memory and hard drive of 250GB. This netbook model is also very eco-friendly.

Shopping for cheap netbooks

Well the internet is usually the best place you should always begin your search from when looking for the best netbook under 300 dollars. However you will need to ensure that you are not dealing with some malicious seller in online transactions hence the importance of checking the history of any seller you are dealing with. But if you are keen enough and search widely too, you will surely find a worth netbook in no time.

What to check

In you search for the best netbook under 300 dollars, there are some important factors that should consider. First know how much you are willing to spend to enable you to narrow down your search to laptops within a comfortable price range. You should also look at the pros and cons of each netbook to help you make the best choice. During this period ensure that you are clear on the purpose that you need the netbook to serve so that you pick on one that will fully meet your needs.

Especially regarding online transactions, it pays to read and make sure you are comfortable with the shipping and delivery terms of the seller first before going on with the transaction. You must be forewarned that some best netbook under 300 dollars deals might be traps from scammers to reap you off your hard earned cash.