Best New Ukulele Brands From Hawaii

After getting their first ukulele, people usually want to find an instrument with a better sound. After some research, people find what the most famous young ukulele players use. They come to find what are considered the best new ukulele brands that come from Hawaii.

The most famous ukulele player is probably Jake Shimabukuro. He became famous after a youtube video of his rendition of the 1968 song ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ by George Harrison went viral. In the video, he expands the reach of the ukulele like few people would imagine was possible. Far away from the toy consideration, Jake showcases the range of the instrument and makes it fun to watch. The pleasure he gets from playing his ukulele is obvious and contagious.

From that video, many people wondered what brand he is playing. Jake is known to have started playing the ukulele since he was 4 years old and never put it down. He remained faithful to the Kamaka brand his whole life and has even created his own line of ukuleles in collaboration with Kamaka.

There is no doubt that the Kamaka ukuleles are some of the highest quality that you can find. The instrument is controlled at every step of the making to insure that every one of them will be perfect. But Kamaka is not the only brand that is to look for when trying to find an authentic sound.

There are 3 major brands of ukulele that every ukulele player know or should know about. They are usually known as the K-brand ukuleles : Kamaka, Kanile’a and Koaloha. If you can get your hands on one of them and just strum a few chords, you will realize that they are without a doubt the finest ukuleles ever made nowadays.

For new ukulele players, some great lessons can be found online and one of the most useful resource comes from Aldrine Guerrero. He started making videos on the internet explaining and deconstructing how to start playing the ukulele for beginners. Possibly one of the best teachers that people can find on the web. His way of teaching assumes nothing about the students. He shows exactly what to do and how he does it.

Aldrine is also very accessible and humble about his playing. He may not be as famous as Jake throughout the world but the ukulele community owns him a lot. He plays on a custom made Kanile’a.

Last but not least, the Koaloha company supports multiple young talents like Brittni Paiva or Victoria Vox. The design of their brand makes them really beautiful and original with their patented soundhole that adds power to their sound.

Any ukulele from these companies is worth having. Although I personally own a Koaloha Soprano, all three of the K-brands are the best ukulele brands that someone can find in Hawaii.