Best Olympus Cameras – Choosing a Great Olympus Bridge Camera

If you’re not familiar with the Olympus brand of digital cameras, you will be forgiven to think that this is a new company. The reality is that Olympus has been around since the year 1919. The company has grown since its small beginnings to become a major player in the world of consumer electronics.

Olympus is also one of the few companies to add a 20 mm zoom feature in a bridge camera. This attribute is now fairly common with the all major manufacturers of bridge cameras. Something that will stand out to most people checking the offerings from Olympus is the design of their cameras. In most cases, manufacturers tend to go for black as the preferred colors of bridge cameras. That is because there is a perception that black is what professionals prefer. You will never see a professional photographer using a pink bridge camera. It does look unusual and cute but a lot of people might not take you seriously.

If you want the cheapest bridge camera that will give you something better than the point-and-shoot digital cameras, Olympus camedia c-700 2 megapixel bridge camera is worth looking into. That said, this $120 bridge camera is not the best you can buy on the market. The reason most people will look into this is because of the price and the fact that you would get in a compact camera. If you want a camera with more features, it is worth paying a little more to get better attributes.

If you’re willing to pay about $450 for your bridge, the Olympus SP-570 UZ 10 Megapixel Digital Camera with 20x Wide-Angle is definitely a good choice. One of the most appealing features and of this camera is the zoom and the wide angle lens. This makes it possible to take great pictures at close range and also to be able to capture objects further away. Because you get an integrated flash and a hot shoe, you can spend a little over $300 to get an external flash. You might be surprised that an external flash cost just about the same price you have to pay for your camera. That is true but you need to bear in mind that for those who take a lot of indoor pictures in low light, an external flash will give you better control and crisp pictures.