Best Online 8 Hour Diet & Weight Loss Review

1609615905A New book called the 8-Hour Diet has just come out to hit the market place. David Zinczenko and Peter Moore are talking about a different way to lose weight. Here’s the concept: eat anything you want in an 8 hour period and you can lose weight as long as you stick by those rules.

That’s not saying that you should eat junk food for a solid 8 hours. You should really eat foods that are beneficial to your body like good fats, meats and veggies that will give you a healthy body. What they claim this does is it helps you reset your metabolism to be in fat burner mode the first thing in the morning. Another great idea to do while you are on this diet is to eat the 8 power foods that are nutrient rich and the author mentions what they are in this book. The power foods not only are excellent for protection against dementia like Alzheimer’s but heart disease and even colds.

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This book wasn’t written by a nobody! David Zinczenko is a New York Times bestelling author. He wrote the book Eat This Not That! Cook This, Not That and also wrote the New Abs Diet, so he’s not an amateur at this kind of stuff at all. He also worked as an editor for Men’s Health at one time. I would say he has done his diligent research for this book. You probably have seen him on Today Show or even Oprah.


Peter Moore is the present editor of Men’s Health. He also wrote The Lean Belly Prescription.

Most of the review from say that it is an easy diet and makes sense because it is so simple. It’s basically an intermittent diet that gives your body the time it needs to digest food and help to put in fat burner mode. You can read the reviews at Amazon.