Best Outdoor Flooring for Balcony or Porch

If you are renting an apartment and you have that basic boring concrete floor on your balcony, there are a few options for portable outdoor flooring that will work well and create a gorgeous living space.

You may have tried to use outdoor rugs, or sizel coverings, and these do work but just don’t have that look or comfort level you are looking for.

Teak has been used for many years in outdoor furniture, chairs and tables and it weathers perfectly. You don’t have to do a thing to it and it resists bugs and rot. Well now you can get this perfect outdoor wood in the form of a tile. These tiles simply click together. They are slightly raised and are so easy to install. You don’t need any tools.

No Tools, Glue or Nails Required

Best Outdoor Flooring for Balcony or Porch

Teak Outdoor Tiles are perfect for Balconies and Porches.

If you want to dress up your balcony, or that front plain concrete porch then you can simply sweep your area of dirt and debris and lay they out in the pattern you like and then simply snap them together. They instanly create the look of warmth and beauty.

Next add your furniture and you are set, They feel much better on your bare feet than that bare concrete. The best part is they are portable too. So if you decide to move, you can simply lift them up and take them with you. This is the easies way to create the perfect outdoor space for yourself, even on a small balcony.

Use Teak Outdoor Flooring Tiles for Porches and Patios Too!

Each teak tile is 12 x 12 inches. You get 10 in a pack so you will have 10 square feet. Depending on how large your balcony is, you may not need very many, but these are also an affordable option for larger areas. You could simply cover a ugly patio with these tiles and get an instant makeover without the bother of construction.

Great at the cottage too. Especially if you don`t want to get into construction and the huge expense. You can use these in showers too as teak can take water and would be perfect for that old concrete shower floor at the cottage or outdoor shower setup.

Instead of digging up an old patio, you could simply try and make it as level as you can, then put these teak outdoor tiles down and there is your garden.

You can Also Use these Teak Tiles Indoors

These would also work perfect in a basement. If you have a concrete basement floor or even old floor covering that has seen better days you could simply lay these teak wood tiles down and have an instant new floor. Perfect for rental houses or apartments.

Using these on a balcony makes such a huge transformation for little time and money. You will want to replace your old beater deck chairs after you cover the floor. So get rid of that outdoor carpet, or cover that indoor outdoor green carpet with these tiles and you will be impressed.

I personally like the idea that I can change and cover an ugly concrete area with beautiful teak for a fraction of the cost of laying out specialty flooring. You can paint concrete, but it will still look like “concrete” so why not make it feel warmer and give a softer look with a portable outdoor flooring option that can simply go with you when you move.

There are many other ways to create a fast outdoor living area, and you can start with the flooring then add patio umbrella lights that are battery operated or maybe you want some better mood lighting with outdoor floor lamps and really take advantage of your outdoor space this year.