Best Outdoor Sun Shades for Patio – Enjoy More Time Outside

If you thought the only way to stay outside during the heat of the day was to get a gazebo, then you will be excited to see this sun shade for patios. They are also known as Sails for Garden Patios.

Basically instead of trying to put up a “gazebo” or dining tent simply so that you can enjoy your outside space, you add a sun shade sail to your outdoor area. It comes will all the hardware needed and you can get them in different sizes. As you can see by the picture, this is a perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors without having to wall yourself in with a dining tent, gazebo or other gadgets simply to stay out of the heat or to find some shade.

Sails for Garden Patios

By using one of these shades you can reduce the heat on the patio by a third especially when that sun is high in the sky. If you are sent inside from your favourite spot outside simply because no more shade from the house or the trees is available, then attach one of these sun sails and enjoy your time outside.

As the weather warms up we tend to migrate outside. We want to have all the comforts of indoor living outdoors, and there are some stunning patio gardens around my neighbourhood that at some point during the day get the full hot sun. Sun Shades for Patio

You don’t want to stop your plants from getting the sun they need, so by using sun shades you can simply keep the patio out of the hot sun but still enjoy your plants.

This Sun Shade Blocks 90% of UV Rays

So, you can sit outside and enjoy the great outdoors without fear of burning to a crisp. Patio umbrellas can only do so much and you spend a lot of your time chasing that little circle around the patio to stay out of the sun.

So, if you love the idea of still being within your plants and garden but simply need a bit of shade, then consider installing a patio garden sail. You can get these in different shapes, but the rectangle one is perfect for the average sized patio. The hardware is stainless steel, and the sail is lets the wind through so it will not be sailing away, and yet it is weather resistant too.

Since the fabric will breathe, this is the perfect way to keep the heat out of your space too. If you leave it up before the sun hits, you will be amazed at just how much heat it will keep out of the space. Plus they look good too.

Sometimes You Just Want Something Simple

As you can see in the picture this sun shade works perfectly over this outdoor space. People can now enjoy it without worry of direct sunlight, or putting up a gazebo tent which looks great out on a lawn but takes a way from the look of a nicely arranged patio.

Get Started On Your Outdoor Space Now

You can create great living areas outdoors by simply adding new Outdoor Flooring Tiles or entertain into the evening with battery operated Patio Umbrella Lights or you can create the perfect mood lighting with Outdoor Floor Lamps or simply add a gorgeous round patio rugs and enjoy your outdoor space and relax.