Best Paintball Mask For The Money

The face mask is among the most important protective equipment when taking part in paintball game. It primarily protects the eyes from balls with a speed as high as 300 “feet per second”. Nearly totally protect the face and the ears; however you will find folks who choose to put on safety goggles, safeguarding solely the eyes.

Paintball masks are made to protect against any direct shot no matter the range or the distance. A typical pair of safety goggles is going to offer merely a fake feeling of safety and put one at potential risk simply because they aren’t built to stand against a paintball. All of the paintball mask producers’ measure up to DOT safety and security requirements and specifications.

When shopping for the best paintball mask for the money, choosing the mask’s material is a significant matter. You will find face masks manufactured from various material such as rubber, plastic and foam. It’s a smart choice to purchase your own face mask instead of hiring one. It needs to be the very first gear bought prior to taking part in paintball game. Make sure to appropriately check the fit of the mask to your face and ensure that you could see clearly so that you can play well and take pleasure in your game. The lens is the mask’s most crucial part, therefore take a look at it very carefully; then check out the foam and find out if it’s pleasant to put on and the style and design are appealing

The Best Paintball Mask For The Money Needs To Be The Following:

1. Usually, paintball face masks will include either non-thermal or thermal lens or be anti-fog to overcome fog: these don’t need an anti-fog agent used on the lens to carry out their goal. These thermal lenses are going to cost more however they’re a great choice simply because they just will not fog up.

2. The foam within a paint ball face mask is a crucial aspect to take into account, since it could determine your level of ease and comfort. As an example, “Vforce Armor” is a neoprene kind of foam – a kind of foam that’s known to be superb foam, however it’s unpleasant. The “Vforce Shield” and “Vforce Profiler” are since they feature 2 layers of foam which in turn is really pleasant to put on. The open cell foam included could be compared to memory foam that’s utilized in cushions.

3. Style is yet another factor to consider when searching for the best paintball mask for the money. You will find masks that are more costly even when the foam and lens are the same level of quality as less expensive types; however the distinction is in the design of the mask.

Decide on your mask smartly and never give up price over quality; your safety and security must always come first.