Best Parka For Men 2012

Who says men can’t be warm and fashionable at the same time. One of best types of coats for men is a parka. The parka comes in all styles but they all have the same beneficial features of extreme warmth and comfort. Whether you choose light-weight or heavy down, you’ll be sure to always get your money’s worth.

Best Parkas For Men-Keep Warm When The Temperature Drops!

Knox Armory N-3B Parka retails for between $67.49-$75.00.

The attire is made from nylon and its durability is guaranteed, the construction from 100% nylon prevents it from soaking especially if you may get rained on. The cloth has got an adjustable hood rich in wool; you will adjust it using the take up strap combined with the tunneled drawstrings. You will be able to carry all your belongings safely in the pockets. Durability of the attire is fully guaranteed since it’s constructed from nylon.

Haspel Men’s Light Weight Stand Collar Parka, is sold out for $84.99.

This Haspel Light Weight Parka has been constructed from 100% polyester, it’s recommended that you machine wash it. This parka features a fabric that is light in weight and is constructed from excellite. The water resistant barrier constructed with it allows your skin to breathe freely, the collar can stand to allow its collar to roll in without interfering with its smartness; you will carry all your belongings in the multiple pockets.

Canada Goose Expedition Parka, it is sold for between $450 and $795.

The Canada Goose Expedition Parka is made from quality leather that gives you smartness while at the same time shielding you from the harsh weather conditions. The initial development was done to assist the scientists in Antarctica carry out their activities successfully without getting affected by the freezing cold weather conditions in the area; it’s made from tough material that can last for a very long time without getting affected adversely. You will experience comfort and relaxation by adjusting the various fastenings on its arms and waist. The many pockets that it has will allow you to carry all your belongings safely.

Alpha Industries Men’s N-3B Parka, is sold for $104.98-$176.00.

The Alpha Industries parka has been constructed from the water repellent material which is of course nylon, on the other hand nylon is a strong material that will not get damaged easily. The outer part of this attire is constructed from a combination of nylon and liner, the hood is designed to provide you with the greatest comfort under the extreme weather conditions, it’s lined with a synthetic material and has been trimmed with removable fake fur. You will find it an easy task when cleaning the material because it does not attract dirt.

Mammoth 8000M Parka, sold for $549.90-$599.00.

This extra warm parka is constructed from the MemBrain fabric which allows your skin to breathe freely in an healthy manner, the attire is long enough to give your body the ultimate warmth in cold weather conditions, your face will have the full protection that you deserve because of well designed hood that can be adjusted by a cord string to give your head full comfort, the attire will not restrict your bodily movements because the of the adjustable waist cord and the flexible wrist finishing, you will be able to fully move your shoulders and elbows because the elbows have been articulated for full to allow flexibility.

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