News Best Perfumes for New Moms

Best Perfumes for New Moms


If there’s a new mom in your life, whether she’s your best friend, your daughter, or your wife, you may want to help her celebrate her first Mother’s Day with a new perfume. Some of the best perfumes for new moms are:

Prada Infusion d’Iris: This is another quiet scent, gorgeous for new moms who love perfume but are worried about overwhelming the baby with a strong fragrance. This is a powdery, yet fresh blend of iris, citrus notes, and cedar. Projection is soft and the sillage is next to nothing, but it will wrap a new mom in a comforting, simultaneously calming and uplifting, scent she can enjoy in those quiet moments while she rocks her sleeping baby.

Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto: YSL Manifesto is for the mom who’s feeling a little like she’s lost her identity in motherhood and needs a reminder that she’s still a beautiful, sexy woman. This scent’s strong and decidedly feminine, with its sultry notes of vanilla, black currant, sandalwood, and jasmine, mixed with fresh green notes, hints of citrus and cedar, and tonka bean. This is one to give her before you whisk her away on a baby-free weekend.

Best Perfumes for New Moms

L’Air du Temps perfume from Nina Ricci: This vintage-style perfume, created in 1948, is perfect for a lady who celebrates the past as much as the present. It’s soft, utterly feminine, and feels like it’s from another era. The gardenia, musk, sandalwood, rose, and carnation blend feels like a whisper against the skin even though its projection is stronger than the word “whisper” would imply (though just barely). The bottle is clear and lovely, with a delicate, frosted glass bird perched on the top.

Miss Dior Cherie from Christian Dior: This women’s perfume from Dior is unobtrusive but definitely lets you know its there. It’s the scent that says you’ve just stepped away from frivolity and cotton candy scents and you’re making your way into adulthood. It’s a gorgeous, sparkling scent with depth for a new mom in her 20s or 30s. The scent maintains youth with the caramel popcorn and strawberry notes, but saunters into adulthood and all of its glory with the musk, jasmine, and patchouli. When it hits the nose, it gives the thrill of bubbling champagne; after a few moments on the skin, though, it warms into something beautiful and completely appropriate for a new mom.

The best perfumes for new moms aren’t just good for Mother’s Day. They make good gifts for a new mom no matter what time of the year it is. Consider giving a mom with a newborn a gift card to her favorite place to buy fragrances with a few suggestions listed. Offer to stay with the baby while she goes out alone to relax and choose her fragrance to embrace during this new step in her life. Years later, one whiff of the one she chooses will take her back to all the memories shared with her baby in those early months.

Image: Used with permission from 99Perfume

Best Perfumes for New Moms
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