Best Places to Travel in the US

Where are the best places to travel in the US really depends on what you are looking for in a vacation destination. If you are thinking budget travel and you live somewhere on the East Coast, perhaps a Washington DC vacation is ideal for you.

Washington DC is a really great East Coast destination, especially if you live in the Tri-State area. If not, it doesn’t take long to get there from all points because of the major highways close by. It’s trendy and yet there are places you can go for FREE. The Smithsonian Institute doesn’t cost a dime to get in and then there’s the National Mall, where you can view the Vietnam War Memorial, the World War II Memorial and Arlington’s National Cemetery where JFK and our military soldiers are buried.

The best time to go is from September to November when the tourists have gone back to their homelands and the hot, steamy days of summer are over. Weekends seem to be more affordable as the hotel prices seem to drop Saturday and Sunday. Parking will be easier if you drive. You can park your car at the hotel and just take public transportation, it’s the easiest way to get around. If you are looking for a nice fall vacation, try a weekend getaway to Washington DC.

If you want to ride the Metro to get around in DC, listen to this video on how to get around using the Metro.

If you love Mother Nature one of the best places to travel in the US is Niagara Falls USA. If you listen to what most people say they will tell you that the Canadian side is much better, but make your own judgement. We went to Niagara Falls USA and had a blast. We were looking for a relaxing, fun few days and didn’t want to deal with any stress. The great thing about that was we didn’t have to have a Passport nor did we have to deal with a long line and waiting at the Border to get into another Country! How’s that for No STRESS! The site’s on the US side were easy to get to and there’s a great price if you get the special pricing to go on all the stuff for a really great discount. Stop by my blog and check out some videos we made about one of the best places to travel in the US.

Those are just two of the many destinations to see here in the good old USA. Where do you love to travel to i? I’d love to hear about your experience with your travels to one of the best places to travel in the US.