Best Point and Shoot Under 500 Dollars 2012

Best Point and Shoot Under 500 Dollars

The Best Point and Shoot under 500 Dollars are currently one of the leading cameras that are making it big in the modern technology market. Needless to say, these cameras are incomparably classy and high in quality similar to many of their highly priced counterparts. If you have been searching for a camera that can deliver crisp and high quality images this is the kind of camera you should be looking for. What’s even more is that camera manufacturers have added awesome features to these low priced cameras that you will certainly find convenient. Keep in mind that you will in addition have varied options to consider when getting you point and shoot under 500 dollars.

Olympus SZ – 14

The Olympus SZ – 14 is one of the most bought Best Point and Shoot under 500 Dollars. Endowed with cool array of features, this product is especially easy to use among many other of its attractive qualities. On top of that it has highly effective image stabilization. It is the ideal camera for outdoor and photogenic people. Moreover it is a fun camera to shoot with, offering 24x optical zoom lens and plenty of creative filters. This product is more likely to appeal to you if you are looking for lots of lens and it boasts a remarkable amount of optical zoom. It is one camera that will not disappoint you going for just about $433.

Panasonic Lumix DMC – FZ150

Going for a price of $450, this Best Point and Shoot under 500 Dollars camera is highly efficient. It has an excellent 24x optical zoom as well. It comes in a sleek compact design which makes it almost effortless to carry and walk around with. In addition, image quality is consistently good with very minimal distortion of any kind. Having the ability to shoot everything from wide-angle to close up images is an appealing feature of this camera. It also has good movie – recording abilities and a versatile range of zooming options. This camera does everything brilliantly and is worth its value.

Nikon D5100

To begin with, this camera has a great feature set with attractive image quality. When looking to buy a camera, you obviously look for one that can take images worth showing off to friends and peers. This makes the Nikon D5100 certainly a good pick. The Nikon D5100 offers a fantastic mix of still-images along with plenty of features including top-notch in-camera effects. Most photographers will immediately fall in love with its impeccable abilities. It is not only great for enthusiasts, but also for novices looking to take their skills to the next level. As one of the Best Point and Shoot under 500 Dollars, it goes for a price of $475.

Considering that photography is also a source of employment, it is highly indispensable to get yourself a camera of commendable performance as this will obviously win you more customers. These Best Point and Shoot under 500 Dollars are always worth investing on. They don’t only come at an affordable price but they also do not compromise on quality. Most of them can be bought both online and from local electronic shops.