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Best Portable Basketball Hoop Under 300 Dollars

Top Rated Portable Basketball System Under $300

The following is a showcase highlighting the best basketball hoops for under 300 dollars — four top rated basketball portable systems that have been tried and tested. They pass both the test for kids loving to play with them as well as being a functional & practical piece of equipment (easy to set up, take down and move around etc.) and they are all of course available brand new within the budget. Right here, you are bound to find the best basketball hoop under 300 dollars.

#1 Lifetime 71566 XL Portable Basketball Hoop System (50′)

This Lifetime model is easily one of the best models to get hold of, incredibly popular among kids and parents & is fully transportable — with it being supported with a solid plastic bases (fills up with either sand or water) with caster wheels fitted.

Best Price: Under $250

It has a fifty inch backboard that’s shatter proof (due to Makrolon polycarbonate technology) with imprinted fade-resistant graphics for guide lines and is fitted with a solid steel slam rim held together with a double compression spring system, so is capable of dealing with slam dunks. The stand works on a 3 piece powder coated pole, hence doesn’t rust and is adjustable from 7.5 ft to 10 ft — so as the child grows older and taller, you will be able to adjust it as such.

Rating: 90% from over 50 reviews (sourced amazon.com)

In all it serves as a great entertainment piece for kids to play around and practice on their own through honing their aiming, jump shots and slam dunking skills. Perfect to fit in your backyard or patio etc. (or to and from places) You are also fine to leave it over night, it is all nylon & hence weather-proof, but if you want to bring it inside then that’s easy too. When buying new you also get an industry leading 5 year warranty coverage on the entire portable basket ball hoop. Overall, it is easily represents the best portable basketball hoop for sale under $300.

#2 Spalding Basketball Goal

Another very popular model is the transportable basketball system from Spalding. Similar to the Lifestyle model (#1) it has a 50 inch backboard and is built on a heavy duty steel frame structure as well as a ‘pro slam breakaway mechanism’ so is certainly the best portable basketball hoop for dunking, given how structurally sound it is.

Best Price: Well Under $300

Again, its height level is variable between 7.5 and 10 ft with 6 inch increments every time on a 3 piece pole (on a 20 degree slant). Its base works on a 2 wheel, 34 gallon with sand & water for complete stability.

#3 Lifetime Portable 51550

This model is essentially the same as #1 but instead has a slightly smaller shatterguard backboard attached at 48 inch. Again, very easy to set up — you can be playing in less than 10 minutes from when it arrives.

#4 Lifetime 1558 XL

Then for those who after a bigger back board, the 1558XL Lifetime model is 52 inch wide. Fully adjustable and portable.

Finally, if you have any questions or issues regarding the overview of the best portable basketball hoops under 300 dollars, either about the article or any of the systems specifically, please them below. Moreover, if you have found the account useful at all, please do be sure to give it a like (heart) or share.

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