Best Portable Exercise Equipment 2012

What are This Year’s Best Portable Exercise Equipments?

Health conscious people will make it a point to have a daily dose of exercise wherever they are hence this list of best portable exercise equipment 2012 will be of good help. Exercising doesn’t always have to occur inside the premise of a gym. Today, with technology’s help, toning your muscles anywhere is possible. Whether its inside a gym, in a park, at home or in your hotel room when you’re traveling. This is because “portability” is now a part of fitness equipments. With this list, you will be able to decide which item suits you best.

Ab Wheel

If you’re searching for a fitness equipment that would strengthen and tone not only your abdominal region but your upper torso as well, the Ab Wheel is the perfect item for you. It is also proven not only to strengthen your muscles but improve your balance and stability. The best thing about this fitness product is that it’s small, light weight, very affordable and highly efficient. For a price of $15, you get to own and enjoy this excellent item.

Power Rope Medicine Ball

Another item in the list of best portable exercise equipment 2012 that strengthens the upper torso is the power rope medicine ball. Priced at $37 to $87 depending on its weight, this is definitely a good addition to your workout routine. With this fitness product, you get to do rotational movements. Hence, this ball is highly recommended for people who want to develop both body strength and balance at the same time.

Weighted Jump Ropes

Weighted jump ropes are another excellent addition to your portable fitness equipment. Unlike the two products mentioned above, this fitness product is ideal in toning your whole body. Although, it only strengthens the muscles in your legs, this is still a good item for every weight loss program. In addition to that, athletes have used jump ropes to strengthen their cardiovascular condition. This also applies to everyone not only athletes. Plus, jumping rope is one of the most enjoyable exercise routine today. With that, for a price of $20, you get to have fun jumping, train and tone your body.

Portable Stair Stepper

Portable stair stepper is a good and simple tool in toning your lower body. Basically, the main concept of this fitness equipment is to climb up a stair but in this case you are just standing in one area shifting body weights. If you don’t feel like standing you can also use it while sitting. Since it’s small and lightweight, you can bring it even at work. This is actually a very convenient product. You can either use while watching TV at home or while working in your office. You can get this item for as low as $52 depending on the store and get to tone your legs anytime, anywhere.


These portable tools have truly made a breakthrough in the fitness department. Who actually thought that with a hectic schedule, you can still have time to workout without going to the gym? That’s probably thanks to technology and the genius minds behind it. Also, with this list of best portable exercise equipment 2012, you get to pick which of them suits your lifestyle along with your fitness needs.