Best Portable Printers for Laptops, Computers and Small Notebooks

The Best Portable Printers

For people who are always on the go and have constant printing demands; investing in the best portable printers for laptops, computers and small notebooks can be a judicious step. Especially in the business world, printing is becoming almost mandatory in every industry. Besides, even if say you are a college student, you will definitely need to be carrying out some printing time and again. The gist of getting these portable printers is not only so that you can be able to move around with them comfortably but also in order for you to rest assured that you can easily do you’re printing whenever and wherever you want to. Not forgetting that you will always have the guarantee of producing hard copies of exceptional quality. The following are some of the finest portable printers worth investing in.

HP Office Jet H470 Mobile Printer

There are many reasons that make this portable printer to clearly stand out among so many others. First it has got an incredible paper capacity being able to hold up to 50 sheets of paper at one time. Secondly its printing speed is incredibly high at 22ppm for black and white and 18ppm for colored copies. Other than these it produces printouts of unparalleled quality of 1200 × 1200dpi black and 4800dpi color. With dimensions of 13.4 × 6.4 × 3.2 inches, this 4.5 pounds portable printer has a memory card slot and USB ports. As if that’s not enough, at a small additional cost you be given Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Adapters for connectivity convenience together with the printer. Now considering that it costs only around $689, isn’t it justified to call it one of the best portable printers for laptops and computers?

Canon BJC-85 Portable Color Bubble Jet Printer

If your printing needs are minimal and you need a small light printer that you can depend on for quality copies, this is among the best portable printers for laptops, computers and small notebooks that you should be looking for. Its dimensions are 2.3 × 11.8 × 6.2 inches with an average weight of 3.1 pounds. It holds a maximum capacity of 30 sheets at one time and since it has been made with the IrDA wireless technology, you can print wirelessly with 100% efficiency. Additionally the Canon BJC-85 Portable Color Bubble Jet Printer offers commendable printing quality of 720 × 360dpi for black and white copies and 360dpi for colored ones. However bear in mind that this portable printer is more compatible with only Mac and PCs. It comes at a whopping $742.

Canon PIXMA iP90v Photo Inkjet Printer

Purchasing this portable printer will be more advantageous for you if you are a person who needs to constantly print out high quality photos and images. With a 4800 × 1200 color dpi, this 4 pound printer produces professional photos and images that can certainly put your competitors to shame if you are a business person. It is also made using the IrDA wireless technology hence you can print wirelessly from your PC or camera phone. Moreover it is quite a small and easily portable printer with dimensions of 12.3 × 2.1 × 6.9”. This printer normally costs around $425.

Nonetheless in order for you to get the best portable printer, it’s essential that you know some of the features that make the best portable printers for laptops, computers and small notebooks to be incomparable with the rest. Top on the list of factors that you need to consider is the quality of printed copies the printer can produce. A good portable printer should have a quality of at least 300 × 300dpi black and white and 1200 × 600dpi color. Then you will also want to check and compare the printing speed as this will be indispensable especially for business purposes. Last but not least, it will be necessary to consider whether or not it has Bluetooth or Wi-Fi as this helps immensely when it comes to wireless printing.