Best Price Toys Made In The USA

Do you try to find Toys made in the USA at your local store or online and get frustrated at the lack of products made in America? Do you shake your head in the center of the toy aisle at your local Walmart or department store, knowing that the stuff on the store shelves may not even last for the ride home?

I’m happy to tell you that there are alternatives and you don’t have to be satisfied with giving your child products that may be harmful. Remember the lead poisoning scare a few years back? For those that don’t know about it, several years ago the FDA found dangerous amounts of lead in toys made in China. Many parent’s were horrified, especially by the toys their little infants and toddlers put in their mouths!

Just knowing those dangers has made parent’s more aware of what they are buying for their children. I’ve done research over the years about products made in the USA and have put together a small list of online retailers whose sole purpose is to present you with products that are by an American-owned company.

Ready to find out where you can buy your favorite child gifts and toys made in the USA?

  • – Wisconsin based
  • – Sell fossil replicas and craft kits
  • – Block and marble construction systems, made in Pennsylvania
  • – By Terrapin toys, the alternate to playdough.
  • – Sells toys, games and puzzles
  • – for infants, toddlers and preschoolers
  • – sells wooden building blocks for 3-10 year olds
  • – sells pencils and more
  • – sells whistles.
  • – sells wooden toys, Noahs ark and more
  • – sells doll clothes that also fits many other name brand dolls.

These are just a few American made companies on the internet that sells all American products. Many of these company owners have a strong belief in keeping their companies strictly made in the USA.

These will make great gifts for children this christmas especially to those parents who are adamant about keeping their children safe! Even adults can get some great gifts too. It’s just not for kids, there are companies out there. You just have to look for them. For example, did you know that Rada Company out of the mid-west makes Made in USA knives and cutlery?