Best Printer for under $100 Review

While it may seem unreasonable, or even impossible, one can find a quality computer for a good price; finding the very best printer for under $100 need not be difficult. One should look for excellent print quality, clear colors, a compact design, and the ability to print quickly and accurately when deciding on which printer to purchase. Finding a printer that gets good marks in those categories is not difficult even if one is on a budget and is looking to keep the purchase price under $100. The three models listed below will exceed one’s expectation in terms of performance and durability and will not break the bank.

Dell Wireless Laser Printer B1160w

For those who feel a laser printer is a must, or for those who are interested in high quality black and white printing and are not concerned with extras such as photo printing, scanning or color printing this machine is the one to pick. Prices on this model are at an all-time low when it is purchased online and this is a real bargain. It is almost unheard of to find such a quality laser printer at such a great price. This printer is wireless and does a great job with high quality printing for letters, reports and more.

Canon Pixma MP499 Wireless All-in-One Printer

For a great wireless printer that works well for color or black and white applications this is a good choice. This model does a whole lot of work for a pretty small price. It is a nice sized, wireless unit that prints photos and written work and also can scan and copy. It is simple to set up and very easy to use. This is definitely a budget priced unit and offers excellent print and scan quality for a low price.

Epson Expression Home XP-400 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer

This small unit is a real powerhouse with easy to use wireless printing features. One can print from a variety of memory devices as well as from the computer, tablet and phone. Whether this machine is sprinting, copying or scanning it is quiet and fast. An especially great money saving detail is the use of single color in =k cartridges so that if only one color has run out a whole multicolor cartridge need not be replaced. This saves on ink and saves money as well. The touchscreen panel on the front of the machine is easy to use and those lucky enough to own and have printed with this unit call it one of the easiest printers to use today. This printer gets excellent reviews and is simply a great bargain given that its price is well under the $100 point.

For those on a budget, a printer that works well and offers good quality is not out of reach. Any one of these printers could be called the best printer for under $100 and consumers would be quite pleased to own any one of these as they are reliable printers that do a great job for a small price.