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Best Printers for Professional Photographers 2012

Best Printers for Professional Photographers

One of the essentials that any photographer should have is certainly a camera. But for you to be complete it is imperative for you to have a high end printer that will enable you to produce amazing photos of high quality. That is not all! As a professional photographer you definitely need to progress in your career hence the importance of continuing to provide your clients with the very best of photos. This will only be possible if you own one of the best printers for professional photographers. Good thing is these printers are usually available in various models therefore you always stand the chance of choosing what really meets your specs.

Lexmark Interact S605

This is one of the fastest printers in the market printing 33 black and white sheets and 30 colored sheets per minute. In addition, printing is available wirelessly and with Vizix printing technology which ensures that as a photographer you have a guarantee of always producing high quality photos. The black cartridge it has can do up to 170 full printed pages also it uses three color cartridges. The color cartridge consists of cyan, yellow and magenta. Generally this printer will always produce photos which will immensely impress your clients and make them keep coming back. Using it is a sure way of keeping your clients coming back hence qualifying as one of best printers for professional photographers.

Canon PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II

If you are seeking a printer that can print long lasting and high quality photos this is absolutely one of the best printers out there that can never fail you. For photographers who want to stay long in business, (and who doesn’t?) this would be a good choice. What’s more is that this printer is capable of directly printing to DVD’s and CD’s making your work even easier. It can take up to nine different types of media effortlessly at a time. The black cartridge lasts for up to 3320 pages with color cartridges such as grey and cyan lasting up to 2905 and 2025 pages respectively. It is also PictBridged enabled so that photos can be printed directly from the camera without having to necessarily dock it.

Epson Stylus Pro 3880

Elevating the proverbial bar of photo printing is the Epson stylus pro 3880. It has the latest technology that ensures the best highlight and shadow detail you can ever imagine. Moreover it permits near perfect transitions which result in the most real life looking photographs that one can possibly produce. You can also have the privilege of changing the paper type depending on the cartridge although it is advisable to stick to one. Epson Stylus Pro 3880 is a great asset that can easily elevate a photographer’s work immensely. It is an essential feature in the field of photography thereby categorized among the best printers for professional photographers.

In conclusion, to be able to print photos of admirable quality, it is important to save up some money in order to get one of these printers. Remember the best printers for professional photographers do not just come on a silver platter. Most of them are costly thus may require quite a handsome amount of money. Considering the fact that it’s now more than ever necessary that you make sure your work stands out to increase your customer base, investing in such printers is often a must do for all professional photographers.

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