Best Printers under 50 Dollars 2012

Best Printers under 50 Dollars

Printers are some of the important accessories that are a must have in businesses, offices and even homes today. In the past acquiring one of these machines was quite difficult especially when operating on a slim budget but not anymore. With some of the Best printers under 50 dollars available, the ballgame has been changed completely. However bear in mind that this type of products can only perform the very basic printing jobs. They also do not often come in any sleek or stylish designs but they can be of tremendous help in carrying out normal printing tasks. Consequently if you only have a 50 dollar budget and intend to buy a printer, here are some options to consider.

Epson stylus nx130

This is one of the affordable cheap printers for delivering high quality printouts. As one of the best printers under 50 dollars, this printer can create many clear colored copies with just a single touch. This is particularly efficient for a small business where you handle a fairly small printing workload at a time. In addition the Epson stylus nx130 is equipped with instant dry ink which ensures that the prints produced are smooth, clean and smudge free. Concisely it is ideal for moderate household use as it cannot withstand heavy workload. This printer is available at Amazon for a price of around $30.

Canon PIXMA MP280

This all new full HD movie print software turns your favorite movie HD moments captured on camera to very beautiful photos! This technology automatically analyzes and applies image correction. Aside from that it ensures red-eye removal and multi-zone exposure correction for fabulous images. Needless to say it delivers prints of superb quality in both business documents and photos a fact that is attributed to its incredible resolution. What’s even more is that this printer starts up in seconds and you’re ready to go. It is one of the most outstanding best printers under 50 dollars sold at only $47.79.

Hp DeskJet 1051

This is among the best printers under 50 dollars and is quite an efficient machine to use for your printing needs. It’s multifunctional in the sense that it is not only a printer, but also a scanner and copier too. This printer can produce both black and white and colored prints. Moreover it is compatible with several operating systems making it really versatile. Hp DeskJet 1051 additionally has great print resolution to ensure that the prints produced are clear and not smudged. If you are looking to get one cheap but reliable printer for your business this could be an excellent choice. The printer goes for a minimal price of $49.99.

Lastly, these printers come in different models so make a point of checking several models before making your final choice. You will only be required to understand that they are not as high quality as the high cost printers. These machines are also only mostly available as refurbished or already used form as it’s quite difficult to get a brand new printer at such a low price. Therefore it is good to be very careful so that you do not get into bad deals as such atrocious deals may lead you to acquire a printer which may not last you long. This will not only ensure that you are not disappointed but will also assist you to indeed get the best printers under 50 dollars.