Best Psychic Blogs

Searching for ‘psychic blog’ in a Google Blogs search results in 5,530,000 blogs – and that’s just for blog homepages.

No one has time to go through so many blogs so here are three of the most interesting and useful blogs about psychic experiences. These blogs are all active and regularly updated.

Psychic Awareness:

Psychic Awareness is a very active blog, updated multiple times per week. The posts are interesting and cover a wide range of topics including how to choose a good psychic, smudging, psychic development and laws of attraction, just to name a few. The post ‘What is Smudging’ is an example of how comprehensive this blog can be. There is even a post dedicated to choosing a good online psychic – something which I’m amazed more blogs and websites don’t have. This is an easy blog to naviagate and a pleasure to read due to the easy to read text layout and pictures.

Psychic Bloggers:

Psychic Bloggers is another very active blog with daily posts. More of a community than a standard blog it has over 40 contributors writing about psychic knowledge and experience. Each writer has their own style and areas of interest so the personality of each blogger gives an interesting and varied mood. Although one bad point of this it the writing styles of some of these bloggers are sometimes self-indulgent (a bit too ‘me, me, me’ and not enough about the topic) but as there are so many writers there are also a lot of different writing styles to choose from.

Psychic Guild Blog:

The Psychic Guild Blog is updated a few times per week. The posts cover many topics with a quality that seems higher than those found on Psychic Bloggers. Yet the design of this blog has some problems, which makes reading posts more difficult than it should be. The use of white writing on a black background makes it tiring to read for any length of time. It is also harder to navigate than the other two blogs due to keyword tags being right down the bottom of the page. This is unfortunate because the blog itself is of good quality and worth reading.